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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hootch, Aug 11, 2005.

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  1. Last night an email appeared in my inbox at work, announcing the formation of a 'Womens Network' at the company, focussing on promoting womens interests.

    Thinking about it p*ssed me off. Why no network for blokes??

    Today had a meeting with two colleagues and the Boss. One male, one female. I mentioned that I thought it was the wrong thing to promote and the model should be a group for everyone, men, women, black, asian, purple, yellow - whatever.

    Boss fecken lost it.

    Said he supported the initiative and if he had his way he would introduce quotas for men and limittheir opportunities. Said the place was over run with white males and the balanced needs to be corrected. BTW, the geezer is a white male. Also it is a private company, not the civil service

    Fair dues, the other bloke backed me up.

    Boss got even madder. I backed down at this point, knowing that no matter what I do or achieve, I have no future in the company because I have a penis.

    Tonight I have lost all interest in the company and b*llocks to working late to make this bloke look good. Why should I ? Can't help that I was born male but it seems in his eyes the main success criteria is T*ts. I am now totally demotivated.

    Do I look for another job or mobilise to Afghanistan?
  2. Don't worry about it your boss is Gay and wants a sex change.
  3. Either that or he just wants all the women to think he's sensitive so he can try it on with them.
  4. I've got Tits, and they haven't helped my promotion prospects!
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Hooch - the fact you are RAF will probably not count against you when you try to join the army.
  6. You could become a tranny and go to work in a dress. Or just turn up to any group meetings - the company can't stop you or you could have them for sexism.

    Where I work it's much the same. Lots of new jobs and promotions going to women, some cases I know it's due to the fact that they have happened to sleep with the director that has just promoted them.

    What pisses me off is that the company readily agrees to allow female colleagues special hours so they can pick kids up from school etc, accepts if they won't travel to meetings alone or allowed to be in the office alone and yet puts them into positions that require long hours, travel away etc.
  7. New pressure group called for i feel
    But then it'd be put down as being elitist i expect
  8. Know very well how you feel. I am a civil servant. There is a thinly diguised agenda to promote 'diverse' candidates, particularly under 30yrs of age, ahead of white male British staff. Problem is that 80% of us are white, male, and British. This is actually quite good, as 10 years it was nearly 100% White, male & British

    In the last 2 promotion excercises, all successful candidates were 'diverse' and under 30. Not one was in the latter category, despite being eligible and suitable for promotion (You cannot apply if you are not)

    Many successful candidates have little or no experience, several have unsatisfactory training records, disciplainary problems, timekeeping problems, vetting & security issues. But this does not matter, because they are 'diverse!'

    Of course some of them are very good and capable, others will be with more experience, but it does them no service at all to know that they were promoted because they were 'diverse' rather than because they were high quality candidates.

    But what about those who are not 'diverse' who are more deserving because of their length of service and their experience, proven commitment and loyalty. Why should they have there careers terminated because they were not born into a 'diverse' group. Or can they change overnight? Lose 10 years? Black up? Change sexual orientation?

    Still, they shall reap as they sow. The best staff are leaving and doing very well elsewhere. Of the 'diverse' 2 have quit, 2 have been sacked for gross misconduct, numerous others have the skids under them, despite countless chances to 'straighten up and fly right', 2 have been jailed, one for assisting, err.. ahem... his friends from the 'former colonies' commit serious crimes here in the UK.

    Its enough to make me weep...
  9. Am I the only person who advocates promotion on merit?
  10. Don't be so old fashioned!
  11. The irony is of course is that one form of unacceptable discrimination has been replaced by another form of unacceptable discrimination. Your boss is one of those people who has been sent to the Re-education camp and has swallowed the diversity handbook, probably for reasons of naked self-interest as the only path into senior management is to be a glassy-eyed convert to the diversity agenda, not the meritocratic one. Similarly, note how all the movers and shakers discriminating against white, heterosexual males tend to be (you guessed it) white, heterosexual males.

    Even more interestingly, many managers from a minority ethnic background I've encountered are often a veritable font of commonsense on these issues! I suppose they don't feel shackled by the "white guilt" syndrome that the diversity agenda uses as it's primary modus operandi.

    There is hope: Use their own weapons against them. Your bosses comments are nakedly discriminatory. Write them down, time them and note any witnesses. Go to a half-decent employment lawyer and take some advice. Even if nothing comes of it, the look on your half-witted bosses face when he sees a writ for, you guessed it, racial discrimination land on his desk will be worth the effort.

    Lastly, are you the only person who gets a bit pished off at the Government and Media lecturing us about these issues? How many black or asian cabinet members are there? Ever been to the BBC? They might put a fair number of black and asian staff on the telly, but at White City most of the the production staff and head honchos are all white. "Physician heal thyself" comes to mind.

    Lastly, I find racism loathesome. OTOH, I find the patronising "diversity agenda" rather creepy too. Where does that leave those of us who just want everybody treated fairly? The diversitarians are pretty authoritarian; if you're not with them then you're against them. You can't win.

  12. Elitist scum...I'm going to build a "Stop the merit holocaust" camp by your front gate and populate it with mediocre lesbian ethnic single parents!!
  13. You don't know how true that one is. I've seen this so many times now in my unit over the years. Middle aged men particularly the LE Officers trying to 'impress' the girlies. Pathetic.

    Diversity? Just another ploy by the incompetant to make it to the top and to keep those with credibility as far away from them as they can, lest this be shown.

    Listen to the same people when they've had a drink. Not so f*cking diverse then.
  14. As V says unacceptable discrimination is replaced by another form of unacceptable discrimination. This is called "Positive Discrimination. A prime example of this is how the employment law of Northern Ireland is enforced into private companies and government agencies.

    Years ago as we all know the catholics were not given a fair bite at the cherry as regards to employment, and major companies and government agencies were all guilty of becoming one sided and the workforce was mostly protestant and did not reflect the population divide.

    Galdly that was retified and a new fair employment policy (I will not go into the details as I am not an expert) was introduced to give the catholics a fair bite at the cherry, that worked well, as a matter of fact it worked too dam well. Twenty or so years after this bill we have now ended up with Positive Discrimination, i.e. those of the prodestant community are finding it hard to get into major companies, especially government agencies.

    An example of this is the PSNI, the powers that be have instructed that each training intake will comprise of 50% catholic and 50% protestant, that is all well and good, I and many others do not have a problem with this as it seems fair. What I do have a problem with, is when the majority of the applicants are prodestant and I am talking for every 1 catholic that applies, 3 protestants apply. So you have a recruitment push, the PSNI want 50 new recruits, so 4000 people apply, 3000 protestants and 1000 catholics. The catholics have a 1 in 40 chance, the protestants a 1 in 120 chance.

    I believe this employment law should be scrapped and people should be employed on their ability, experience and qualification regardless of their background, colour, views, religion, oh but that would be too sensible, not very PC,....... what employ people on these terms, God forbid.

    We can only hope 8O
  15. Just back from a management course which included stuff on recruitment and interviewing etc. In one exercise I was asked to look at an application form and say if I would give the individual an interview or not. The applicant had left two jobs because of stress and harrassment, and had also left jobs abroad because she missed home. I said I'd reject her as clearly unsuitable on her history. Apparently I'd be sued and the sky would fall in, because I have no 'evidence' of unsuitability!