Career length (short) (veng)

Hello, just done my oath at the careers office and was ( like the other 3 people there) put on the short( veng) from what ive read you do 4 , if you want to stay then 12, and then the army decides whether to keep you on? Do they normally do this? I am planning 22+ years, i want the full career, so this short veng isnt a way for the army to not to offer an initial long contract? Cheers


It has all changed now mate. Gone are the days of enlisting on the open engagement (22 years), if you do want a full career, get in the Army first then see if you want to stay in until you are 55.
but what he also wanted to say is the army decide step by step whether it wants you when you get to each mark, first 12 then you go to 24 then if your officer potential you may win 1st prize and get to head towards 30, after doing that you can look forward to ducking under tables at the sound of a car backfiring even when your 80 and being deaf(how you hear the backfire of a car who knows,maybe by now you can sense things like luke skywalker), but with the added benefit of a free ice cream at year 28 its looking good so far 8) rumors you get 2 free ice creams at 30, but as this is completely unbelievable I will believe it when I see it.

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