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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by wastelarnd, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. hi im studying for A levels at the moment and iv read that you can become an army officer with A levels (although from what i gather the majority of officers have degrees) i was wondering if anyone could help me with how likely it is that they will want me without a degree and how about any other options...

    thanks for the help
  2. A level in English Language?

    Let us know if you pass.
  3. im confused.. is that a dig at my spelling or something...?

    im not studying english?

  4. Clearly not.

    Top tip. A first impression is impossible to change. ;)
  5. It maybe an idea mate to look or ask in the Officers forum.
  6. Try the Pioneer Regt with that level of written English.

    Don't mention it.
  7. alright then thanks all
  8. Far too polite, you're supposed to fight back you know.

    We're a bunch of cnuts aren't we :thumleft:
  9. Are you fit to lead men, I mean men, not boys.
  10. mate if you decided to go uni just make sure that you don't do a mickey mouse degree. Like media studies
  11. ok in reply to these....
    if i didnt think i was "fit to lead men" then i wouldnt be considering it as seriously as i am.
    and i really dont intend to go to university, just not my sort of thing
  12. If you become an officer with A levels only, promotion will be slower and only the OR's will hate you.

    If you gain a degree you will be promoted faster and the OR's and any officers who don't have a degree will hate you.
  13. yeah i understand that
    but in the long run, starting three years earlier - when you do get promoted you will be more worthy of it and undoubtedly be more respected than someone who's straight out of sandhurst with a degree
    oh and i will also get payed less :(