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career help please

hi im studying for A levels at the moment and iv read that you can become an army officer with A levels (although from what i gather the majority of officers have degrees) i was wondering if anyone could help me with how likely it is that they will want me without a degree and how about any other options...

thanks for the help
ok in reply to these....
if i didnt think i was "fit to lead men" then i wouldnt be considering it as seriously as i am.
and i really dont intend to go to university, just not my sort of thing
If you become an officer with A levels only, promotion will be slower and only the OR's will hate you.

If you gain a degree you will be promoted faster and the OR's and any officers who don't have a degree will hate you.
yeah i understand that
but in the long run, starting three years earlier - when you do get promoted you will be more worthy of it and undoubtedly be more respected than someone who's straight out of sandhurst with a degree
oh and i will also get payed less :(

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