Career guidance you dont want to hear from the RCMO...

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. "Shit on the CO's desk..."

    "Well you could always do a language?"
  2. "In order to balance your career profile, you should request Digby next."

    "No, seriously, Tidworth is really popular. That's why nobody puts it on their PPP - they don't bother because they know the competition is so stiff."

    "If you go and do the pilots course it will make you really promotable." :)
  3. Don't lie, no one has ever used you and promotable in the same sentence! Unless accompanied by the prefix "un" that is. :wink:
  4. "You need to gain more G1-G4 management experience. Look towards a solid CSM's post like Bulford in fact if you put it on your PPP, I can pretty much guarantee you'll get it".

    "CAST has produced many future RSMs.....don't dismiss it so quickly"

    "Forget Cyprus"

    "You are not really Instructor material"
  5. "Trust me on this one"
  6. you didn't read the title of the thread. it's not supposed to be your greatest hits :)
  7. Hmm, those words alone have alarm bells ringing. Exactly what G4 does a CSM do? Fuck all, done by the CQMS. Not an awful lot of G1 done either, that's done at Sect and Bn level.
  8. :oops: Sadly Too true
  9. Except all that AGAI 67 stuff - I see there is yet another version out to tax the brain and patience of CSMs.

    Back on thread 'We call you nearly because you keep nearly getting promoted' I might as well be CR :x
  10. don't do it, the fat suit chafes after a while :D
  11. Fat already - I don't need the suit - but if you can spare a doughnut... :lol:
  12. There are other ways of punishing miscreant JNCOs......
  13. I sat in on a promotion board so I know exactly what they are looking for on CRs/Appraisals .......
  14. "You need to give a little more face time."

    What the fuck is face time?
  15. So, what do you have in mind for your resettlement?