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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by redwhiteandblue, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. Just looking for some advise I transferred units almost 2 tears ago and i still have not done 1 single career course, my time is up in Feb and it does not look like I am going to get any courses. I will go from high band to low band and the Unit i am with seems to have no desire to help me further my career.
    How do i go about sorting out this serious career mis-management?
    I have only 6 years left come Jun does anyone know Who would accept me transferring in to them at this late stage in my career I am a full Cpl with my last 3 CR's a B2.
  2. Have you discussed this with your line manager/OC? Maybe there is a reason and they just haven't told you what it is.
  3. Are you qualified for promotion up to Sgt? Or within your cap badge can you be selected for promotion for Sgt and then attend CLM or any other promotional courses?

    I wouldnt go in all guns balzing about "Serious Career Mis-management" as you put it, if you have all your ticks in the box for selection for promotion and your CR's are fair and honest i doubt you are being mis-managed. You might not be getting the personal development you want (or deserve) but with the current tempo i doubt anyone is.

    Did you have a Formal Career Interview with the RCMO at your 14 year point? You should have, and if you didnt it might be the time to get in touch with them and arrange for it to happen (i fell through the cracks on that one as well and had the interview at about 15.5 years).

    Your CR grades are not much to go on however 3 like graded CR's in a row may indicate some stagnation in your career. Your not moving up however your not slipping down either - it really depends on the write up's from your 1 and 2 RO. You need to know whether they think you have reached your ceiling, they might think it but just cant face telling you. If you dont know, you cant do anything about it.

    Suffice to say, speak with the COC and the RCMO for an FCI. If you dont know the facts you cant plan your future moves.
  4. yes I have discussed it with my last OC he told me not to worry about courses,thats ok for him he doesn't have to take a wage drop.
  5. I have done this already and have been told i am too old to be on tanks ( something i checked before making the move) and should settle for a career in the admin chain. Sorry i cant accept this I was a commander in the infantry and never transferred to work in the stores.