career fouled with the transfer??

A quick "Q"
I am a loggie that’s so pissed off with my trade that i have requested a transfer.
i originally joined the barmy with a view in going for HPC.
So i thought it be a natural choice to come to AAC as a groundie.
Back in AUG I placed my AFB 241 with the relevant "Chain".
it’s now April Still no word or interview with AAC except that it’s up in manning and records.
Now i am 28 in DEC.
That gives me two years eight months to transfer, get trained to class 3 level, get my first tape and a recommendation to full screw before i am too old (30).
Am i pissing in the wind? should i sack it as i going to be to old.
Is the competition Fierce for others going (wanting) HPC?
Does previous flying ever count?
if i don’t get my goal of HPC i Would prob sign off as the is no other incentive for me with the mob.
Thanks in advance.
To be honest mate, i'd stay where you are and go for the pilots course as a (dirty) loggie :D

that will cut out all the retrade stuff with the AAC, are you a lance jack recomended full screw at the moment? let your boss know what you want to do, you may get the right ticks in the right boxes.

if you go AAC groundy, you will get bogged down in AH courses after your Class 3's and once you are trained, you'll have a hard time perswading your chain of command to let you go once you are AH trained, its not impossible, but AH Ground Crew is a much more specialised job now and the head shed want to keep hold of them.

oh, you wont get promoted without at least 2 class 2 trades under your belt, and normally not without 1 class 1 trade (Driver Groundcrew or Signals)
I would say apply for APC from where you are now don't go for the grondy route will take another year at least on top and then u still won't know for sure!!! been there done that and now off else where.
at 28 and still waiting for first tape i'd sack it your either wrong place, face don't fit, a bad boy or a mong.
Better to do it straight away, but if you aren't in the full screw zone (which appears to be the case), I'd forget it. Sorry to be negative, but at 28 you're pushing it mate.
well thank you all for replying to my "Q".
Glasgow have got back and said "piss off mate ya too old so go claim your pension"
my big fat permanent marker came out to sign the good old dotted line.



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modopfatbastard said:
no mr fisher unlike you some of us experianced civvie life before joining up.
so i have a good chance of intergrateing back to it specially as i have quals ya muppet
'Quals' so magnificent that the army does not see you as a high-flyer, in fact not as any type of flyer.

Don't give in you knobber - go back the chase your OC for the recommendation, ask him/her to push on your behalf, WTF are you taking the word from Glasgow as the word of God for?

If you don't want to push it then I would say the army got it right.
May I suggest a crash course in basic english before sending off any CVs ?

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