Career Foul

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bluearmy, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. Anyone know how to start the process, been in a unit now for over three years and they've messed me around and i believe it’s messed my career up big time. i have tried the chain of comand but they about as usefull as a chocolate fire gaurd!!!!!!
    Or is it just an old wives tale and you cant do it?
  2. Anyone help on this one, i'm about top go and speak to the boss and i could do with some advice!!!!! :D
  3. Right. It isn't an old wives' tale. AGAI Vol 2 Chap 70 refers.

    Log onto Armynet, select Army Electronic Library (bottom right of screen), GI issues, AGAIS (sic), Vol 2 Chapter 70 - Management and Resolution of Complaints. Read carefully. Print off the annexes.

    I contributed to a thread a while ago on this subject;

    The thread is here

    ..and a couple of contributors provided excellent advice.

    So, some questions first!

    :arrow: What has gone wrong?
    :arrow: What is your complaint?
    :arrow: What have you done about it so far?
    :arrow: To whom have you spoken?

    No details here - just the bare bones and don't write anything that identifies you.

  4. You haven't posted and I am about to return to work, so one last point. You have to decide how you have been wronged and what you want done about it. Read the AGAI!

    And if you are over the 3 month period, forget it!

  5. Yeah sorry i was reading the other thread, looks like i wont be able to anything basicly i feel that the unit i'm in has held me back promotion wise
  6. I don't really know how things work, but i'd suggest you go ahead with what you feel is right mate.
  7. Trussel,

    You are 16 and unemployed - why have you added a comment to a thread you cannot possibly have any idea about?

    You summed it up with your final comment 'Sorry I'm useless with this stuff'. Spot on - I suggest you slow down on your posting rate and think before you speak/write. You might find it pays dividends in the long run as you will not wind up the older and much bolder members of this forum who may be your boss one day.


  8. Have you had annual mid-year appraisals - correctly documented? What do they say? Did you act on the recommendations? Do those recommendations and your subsequent reactions feed into your CRs?

    For example, if your OC wrote in your MYA "must improve his timekeeping" and you didn't, then don't expect a good write-up in your CR!

    I am simplifying things, I know (mainly for other readers of this thread...), but you must read and understand both your MYA and your CR.

    Go and talk to your Tp Sgt or Tp Comd!

  9. Edited due to nature of the topic.
  10. Okay.. well I thought i'd be farfetced in my ideas but I suppose you're right, a bit silly really. However, in doing so I can enquire into the Army and how things work more so, and when I say something stupid I get a bit more info.. :( I never thought it could cause too much grief, but now I think about it, atleast 1/10 of the Army uses this. Scary thought, i'll shut up :p And why would I post for a count? :/
  11. Trussell,

    Not trying to have a go at you. I am all for youngster who think the Army is for them coming on here to find out what makes us tick and to ask for advice. Ask the right question on here and you will certainly get the right answer. Stick your nose in where it is not wanted and you will get some interesting posts in response :)

    Keep posting - the boards need posts to remain interesting.

    Well done for the maturity of your response to my last post - with an attitude like that and an ability to look at things from a different perspective you will do well. I hope you do join and you never know I may be your boss one day :)
  12. Yeah, that would be interesting :p I've applied for a name change for privacy reasons, don't fancy doing PT cause of a post I made or whatever :p I'll keep my snout out of the detailed technical stuff, to ensure I don't bite off more than I can chew ;)

    By the way, what does the term "Foul" mean in this context? :eek:
  13. One of those days for the dictionary, and I am glad that I looked!

    There are several meanings in general use, but the closest is the sporting meaning; noun; an unfair or invalid stroke or piece of play.

    To be "career fouled" in the Services is to encounter something that stops dead your progress; something that is so important that your boss writes it up in your annual confidential report. It might be something you have done, or not done, or it might be due to something your boss has or hasn't done.

    If the former, learn from your mistake, correct it and try harder.

    If the latter, you have the right to complain ("redress" in Army speak) and have the situation corrected. The rules are strict - and the reference won't be available to you until you join up.

    You don't need to worry about this until you have been in a while!

  14. Indeed, thanks for setting me straight about that, and i'll stop "ruining" all the wonders to come at a later date for myself ;)