Career Foul?

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Lazarus135, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. Hoping someone can shed some light on this issue.

    I came off my my promotion board some 6months ago and have completed my career course which substantiates my rank. However my unit are holding back on letting me wear, due to lack of PIDS and postings.

    Is this career legal?
  2. Ouch, that would suck a great deal.
  3. As I recall, if you read the promotion list it states that you can be promoted within a 12 month period. When I came off the Ssgt board, I had to wait 11 months until a position became available to promote into. Suck it up cup cake

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  4. Man up princess, and just wait. If there isn't a job you can't move into it.
  5. 12 months.
  6. It isn't 12 months - it's by the end of the promotion year you are being promoted in which depends on the rank you are being promoted into. As the board dates are different for different ranks you may end up waiting more than a year. For example the WO2-WO1 board results are out in Nov\Dec 13 for promotion between 1 Apr 14 and 31 Mar 15. You could end up waiting 16 months.

    If you want to find the rule as it applies to you then read the JSP. The 6 month thing applies to someone who is in a rank ranged PID - not common and I'm not 100% sure as my memory on this is fading a bit.

    You haven't been career fouled.
  7. I seem to recall a certain Sgt being posted into a certain position with corresponding numbers and all sorts of official shit, some senior officer found that, that the posting order had inconvenienced an agreement that had been reached with another 'desk' in a certain Scottish City. Keep all your your paperwork, your original copies; not those produced retrospectively by your 'desk'. It wasn't a matter of promotion with this particular individual; it was the career path (civilian quals) and the wrong cap badge in a specifically nominated cap badge post that caused his ire. Naturally his Corps fucked him over quite royally.
  8. How's about taking up the issue with your chain of command or your RCMO, who just may be better placed to give you the full monty, rather than some random replies (however well intentioned) on the Internet? Career legal? FFS, I'm glad I'm out of it!
  9. I always wondered why there was so many grumpy SNCO's when I was a young thruster.

    Without Arrse to tell them they're big jessies and have nothing to worry about they must have stewed and spewed working themselves up into a frenzy of indignation and self pity everytime someone other than themselves got promoted.

    It really is unbecoming.
  10. If you are below the Rank of Sgt your promotion year is any time between 1 Oct - 30 Sept, if you are Sgt or above your promotion year runs from 1 April - 31 Mar.