Career Foul???????? RMP TA

Aside from standing by for the torrent of abuse for being TA and RMP, here goes:

I picked up Sergeant mid 2009 and was promoted substantively in January 2010 having been posted to Regional Training Centre.

I undertook an in-unit Intermediate Qualifying Course (Section Commander (Sergeant)) in 2008 or 2009 however when I asked about promotion during 2012 I was told I would have to complete the Provost Seniors Course (V). I applied for it and waited out. When I heard nothing, when i called them up during August 2012, I was informd the course had been cancelled.

I then managed, after numerous attempts, to email and speak with DCPG who told me the course had been pulled. The person I spoke with told me that the SO1 had signed off on Sergeant promotions without completing the PSC(V) as ordinarily, one would have to revert back to Cpl after 48 months if the PSC(V) had not been done. However, the course is not due to be run again for another year and I am time qualified AND securing A- to B- on OJARS.

I informed that I was a Sgt, had been for 2.5 years and was looking for the next step - Staff Sergeant. Ah, the crux - I can't be promoted as the powers that be have pulled a course which will not be replaced for a year. The person informed me that the Corps are effectively careering fouling me.

Am I really? If so and reading JSP831, should I seek informal resolution? Do I approach my current unit and CofC and not my parent unit (given I am serving in an RTC)? Never been here before!!

Cheers in advance.

Stitched up by the RMP?

Poetic justice.


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The short answer is ask your career manager. The slightly longer answer is find out who your career manager is - probably someone in CVHQ - then ask them. It's their job.

It would also be good form to discuss it with your current chain of command.

BTB you get an SJAR not an OJAR.


And if you are swinging between A- and B- I would be looking to see whether you have drug or mental problems causing such variable performance.
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