Career Foul.....honest!!!!!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by brockers, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. I'm in need of a solicitor, I will be using Judge's sure fire way to pick one, if needs be.
    If anyone has already experienced this and could reccommend a solicitor who has delt with the military before, your help in advance is VMA.......I like most have a trust issue.
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Some idea of what the problem is might help a bit ;)
  3. A bit more info needed on this mate.
  4. I thought you and me had discussed this !! It is NOT appropriate for Lollypop Men to hang around the back fence of a Pads school at dinner time in DPM shorts 'chatting' to the little ones !

    The powers that be have no choice ! :D
  5. Basically its about being withheld for promotion........Just been told, even though I've already sat on one promotion board I will not be sitting on this years as 3/4 of REME full screws are not qualified......To explain it in great detail I would need a face to face with a solicitor. For me to explain here in text would be a boring read and for someone then to tell me "yes you need to speak to a solicitor".
    reni-77 seriously......naffi bar-------------->that way
  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Gilbert Blades
    The Glory Hole
    Lincoln, LN2 1AE
    Phone: 01522-512345

    He has had lots of experience dealing with the military.
  7. Have you had a CO's interview and then taken your career foul to Glasgow? If not then you need to or you are not using the correct proceedure.

  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Sounds like some one has been told a few home truths and doesn't like it.

    Can anyone remember anyone who furthered their Army career by taking legal action?

    Mate you'd be better off by just signing off and moving on with your life, this attitude and approach is not going to get you promoted....

  9. Duly noted....I was basking in a post w*nk exuberance ! :D
  10. Let us be the judge of how boring it is! theres nothing worse than getting half a story!! it sounds like you re a L/Cpl who can't get promoted because the Cpls above you aren't qualified for promotion to Sgt? Please bear in mind that it is common to sit on more than one board to get picked up for promotion especially if you are a young pup where you will have less points than others due to your lack of seniority.

    Being a tech (if you are one) does nt necessarily mean definite promotion if you re crap and/or have a shitty CR.
  11. Fingerz, thx for what I'm really after...........
    Yes Stilts I've used my chain right upto BEME and who have all said that most of the REME full screws are now being "career foul".
    Ord Sgt here was me thinking when you asked for details of my problem you might be able to help, are you a line manager, if so, do your boys a favour and hand your mess tins in early and retire, if thats your sound advice, then your some-one who is just a cop out.......I'm quite happy plodding along but when my promotion to Sgt is being delayed by a further year, meaning less of a pension, then I'm concerned. I'll leave all the quick back stabbing promotions to the leeches like you. If you wanna discuss further please PM me.
    Enjoy the w*nk.
  12. He represented a youth at a court martial in Germany, for whom I was the 'Accompanying Officer'. The lad had been smoking dope but Gilbert Blades is a top bloke and, without looking pathetic, got him a warning.

    Knows his stuff too. We were the only 2 smokers there and spent a fair bit of time chatting outside. I would hire him if I was in trouble with the military authorities.
  13. I dont know where you are based but I can't empahsise enough that you should go to Forces Law website, most of the Solicitors there deal with military law and the ones that dont (like me, who only deal with civilian law) will always refer you to the nearest most appropriate one depending on your circumstances.

    forces law is at

    hope that helps.

    Ps Mr Blades as mentioned above is a member of Forces Law Network.

    If you cant find someone to help you e mail me and I will help you look for one.