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Career Decision or.......Indecision.


Lend us a tenner till pay day.
Took the banking job!

Onwards & Upwards!
Good decision. I've come to this post after you made your decision however for future reference....

I left the MPGS at the end of January after 16 years, my reasoning was after 7 good recommends for promotion to SSgt, the last one being particularly good and with strong backing from my OC, I was also doing the A/SSgt job at my unit, Glasgow sideways moved a staffy into my Platoon. He was also my previous Plt Cmdr who in my own humble opinion was an alcoholic, useless twat who I could do a better job than, in my sleep. That was one too many kick in the balls and I decided not to waste any more time with the MPGS. Bruised pride?Possibly, but more like not wanting to get done for beating the shit out of someone with small angry man syndrome like I nearly did when I served with him before.
5 months after leaving, I still get messages from my old lads telling me how much of a useless cnut he is.

Anyway, I digress. If you're happy to do 4 on 4 off (and depending on what unit you're at and what type of Plt Cmdr you have, you can have anything up to 4 training days a month. It's usually 1), get fucked about a bit by your unit, giving the MPGS any job the unit doesnt want to do, be bored out of your skull, not get promoted because the whole of the MPGS is very dead mans shoes, struggle to get leave in because theres a manpower shortage, then get called in on stand by to cover someones leave or sickness then yes, the MPGS is not bad, easy money.

I'm glad I did it as I now have a cracking pension and am in no real rush to find a high paying job. At the moment I'm doing voluntary work I really enjoy while job hunting in the background.

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