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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Line_Grunt, Mar 2, 2004.

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  1. Anybody recommend a good reputable career advisor / advisory service in and around London???


  2. L_G


    ex mil consultants with good contacts in the financial world. Speak to John Andrews ( ex Inf)

    Depends on what you are looking for tho
  3. Do not use on-line recruiting services. Most of industry does not give them a second glance.
  4. to be honest one of the best ways isto go on google/yahoo etc restrict the search to UK/country you wish to work in and then type in title aka security, finance etc itll come up with hundreds of companies websites, you can then go in and see their careers, oppertunities section. This way you get the companies not the agencies description of the job and its benifits, also you can normally apply there and then and you can read up on the company before you fill anything in. Any company will pay more attention to the person who applies directly as opposed to someone who went through a recruiting agency.

    However this does take a small bit longer and is only good for big companies, combine this with the jobcentre and youll be laughin
  5. Sorry, probably need to be clearer - I currently work for a leading new media marcomms agency as a project manager managing the design build and deployment of global websites for companies such as Nike, X Box and various others.

    However, I am pig sick of it and want some advice about what i could do next....and rejoining the Army is an option as mrs L_G would kill me....
  6. RE-JOIN!!!!!!
    How little are they paying you???
  7. Line Grunt, it sounds like your qual'd to the eye balls with Media/IT experiance. Why not go self-employed?
  8. Am currently working here as a free lancer (self employed) - which is a new experience to be sure. (though the pay could be better :evil: )

    Think the main problem is that i am fed up being stuck behind a desk - memories of freezing my tits off in Otterburn and digging trenches in the snow are starting to take on a rosy glow...+ i miss the banter from the jocks and the occasional feeling that what you were doing was worth while and made a difference (not just made some rich git richer)

    Guess it is just post birthday blues....
  9. So what do you want ? Drop me a PM and I may be able to help. Heyman & Woodworth not a big as they used to be in 2000...
    However, there are a number of ex-Army in the City and in Recruitment that may be able to help...especially if you want Project work. Depends if you want cash or quality of life. Nice to have both but rare unlkess you have your own business.
    You could also try 'The List' run by Mike Nicholson that meets once a month ( well they used to anyway....)