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Discussion in 'RLC' started by oscar23, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. I posted this on another forum but was directed here as my best bet any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    Okay couple of questions that I would really appreciate a reply to. I'm 23 and i've failed the a.o.s.b. to get into Sandhurst a kick in the teeth, but they know what they're looking for so fair enough. I still want to join the army though so about a week ago I took the B.A.R.B. test. I got 68 whcih I know is a decent standard [It bloody should be the amount of money my poor father threw at my education! ] Looking through the different careers the two that I really like the sound of and the seargeant recommended were military intelligence operator and ammunition technician. Of the two i'm drawn to the latter but i'm having a little difficulty working out the time frame for what i'll actually be doing as one. The main reason I want to join the army is to help i've been itching through university [it's that father again!] to do something but it seems that as an ammunition technician it would be years before I was qualified enough to actually be deployed to a war zone. I can understand that completely as there's plenty to learn but I would like to be doing something to help out as soon as possible [I'm aware i'm probably coming of as a bit of a naiive tosser but still..] so can anyone tell me the score? [I'm sorry i've rambled on a bit]
  2. I think your father wasted his money on that education!
  3. Point taken bottle but it's what I want to do, or do you think I just sound like a fool? :)
  4. I am not in a position to comment on either really, although I have attempted the AT course, many moons ago, as a LCpl re-trader. I did not finish the course as I wasnt cut out for the whole spectrum of the AT role.

    I just wanted to do EOD and not so much the "boring stuff". There are many many better informed people on this site to advise you.

    By the way, I am now at the "pinnacle" of my original trade.

    Jesus. A sensible post......I either need another beer or a lay down. Perhaps both!
  5. Another AT attemptee here :(

    Phase 1 Training

    Belive its 19 weeks

    Phase 2 Training

    AT Course is 9 month long (unless changed by now)
    Op MI is about the same (I think)

    once you pass out of training, you are effectively deploy'able, go to a posting, where ever.

    Remember there are different levels of posts within the Army to different employment catagory's, you could still try going for a commission from within the ranks, but also if you wish to go to Uni then remember you have a minimum contract time to the forces (4 years i think)
  6. Bear in mind the stereotype for an AT is just counting bullets..

    I've been told, don't bother with the RLC unless you're an AT.

    But the general view is it's a top job.
  7. And that is your considered opinion is it?

    Obviously gleaned from your many years in the Corps.

  8. No worries bottle cheers for replying, now go and enjoy what's left of your Friday night :D

    Desktop i'm sorry if this is a topic that comes up alot here I don't mean to bore the hell out of you it's just been a little difficult tracking down some detailed information. I'll be honest I like the idea of being an ammunition technician because a fully trained one seems to be an exciting and satisfing career, that might be naiive tosh but that's why i'm asking before I commit myself. Once you've made class two technician what are your duties likely to be on an operation in, say, Afghanistan? I understand why this job requires a long training period but from what i've been able to gather it's going to be in the region of six years before i'm actually qualified to do much.
    I'm sorry if it wasn't clear as well but i've finished university now i'm not still there.
  9. My bold. :roll:

    And here we sit listening to the ill-informed ramblings of a: "Sad, little, doesn't know a fcuk, oink!" :lol:
  10. Fair enough active edge it sounds like the man doesn't know what he is talking about, but it seems you do so can you give me some decent advice?
  11. (Must fight the urge to come back with a witty inter-trade comment....must..........must....feck it :twisted: .)
    So you now have a gold-plated DROPS torque wrench and can steer, indicate, change gear and tighten the seat belt whilst driving! :wink:

    Dont worry, im 1 step away from the pinnacle of mine so ill soon be able to tell, by taste, different grades of Petrol and tighten by hand brass couplings!
  12. All of the above and more............from my ivory tower!
  13. Nope :)

    Just told that by an AT

  14. Oscar,

    As a class 2 AT deployed to Afghanistan, you will effectively be serving an apprenticship with a class 1 AT SNCO, or with a Captain ATO.
    This could involve either: assisting in the running of the ammunition depot and investigating ammunition failures or forming part of an Improvised Explosive Device Disposal Team, possibly as the 2nd in command.

    Either role will see you develope technical knowledge gained on the class 2 course while you gather military experience and hopefully promote and complete the class 1 course.
  15. Thats you and your pinnacle told BOS!! :lol: