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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by oscar23, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. oscar23

    oscar23 Crow

    Okay couple of questions that I would really appreciate a reply to. I'm 23 and i've failed the a.o.s.b. to get into Sandhurst a kick in the teeth, but they know what they're looking for so fair enough. I still want to join the army though so about a week ago I took the B.A.R.B. test. I got 68 whcih I know is a decent standard [It bloody should be the amount of money my poor father threw at my education! :) ] Looking through the different careers the two that I really like the sound of and the seargeant recommended were military intelligence operator and ammunition technician. Of the two i'm drawn to the latter but i'm having a little difficulty working out the time frame for what i'll actually be doing as one. The main reason I want to join the army is to help i've been itching through university [it's that father again!] to do something but it seems that as an ammunition technician it would be years before I was qualified enough to actually be deployed to a war zone. I can understand that completely as there's plenty to learn but I would like to be doing something to help out as soon as possible [I'm aware i'm probably coming of as a bit of a naiive tosser but still..] so can anyone tell me the score? [I'm sorry i've rambled on a bit]
  2. alicio

    alicio Old-Salt

    what do you want to know? how long ammo tech training is? or which we would reccommend?

    I would say intelligence is a better bet, I know people in the intelligence corps and people current in ammo tech phase 2 training, and on a personal level intelligence looks far broader and more interesting, but it may be different for yourself.
  3. oscar23

    oscar23 Crow

    Sorry I wasn't cleare there alicio, a bit of both to be honest. I've had a bit of difficulty finding out what options for deployment there are once you've become a class two technician. Is it depot work only do you know? Intelligence looks very interesting but I would still prefer to become an ammunition technician. It's just that it seems that promotion dependent it will be at least five or six years before i'm qualified to be working in, say, Afghanistan. Have I got the wrong end of the stick though?
  4. alicio

    alicio Old-Salt

    i have got a clue with ammo tech regarding how long it will be til you get a chance to go on ops, perhaps thats a question you might want to try on the RLC forums.

    the army jobs website will give you details of phase 2 but not a huge amount on life after that, so your best bet is to ask serving, trained ammo techs/ ask your recruiter.

    sorry that wasnt hugely helpful... but i'm in the application process at the moment so i'm not exactly qualified to give a proper answer, all i know is from friends who are currently in training.
  5. oscar23

    oscar23 Crow

    No worries alicio cheers for replying i'll check the rlc forums out. Good luck with your application as well mate.