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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tabasco-ck, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. I know I'll probably get told to see a recruiter, however, I'll ask anyway.

    I have sent off my application of interest form for an officer and I am awaiting for someone to reply. In the meantime I'm trying to establish what career direction to take presuming I manage to jump through all of the required hoops. My first interest is the infantry due to the obvious attraction plus I am really into my fitness and strength training, then I put down for RE followed by Signals.

    Thing is I studied for a degree Town & Country Planning and I currently work as a land buyer for a property investment company and wondered if there's any opportunities within the army where I could use and perhaps develop on my experience, when I went to a recruitment office the WO2 gave me a load of brochures but put more emphasis on the RLC.

    All advice/slagging/beatings will be greatly appreciated.
  2. See a recruiter :wink:
  3. I cant see any opportunities as a young subbie to be playing as a land buyer, but to develop you as an individual you wont be making a bad move taking on the challenge of a commission. Dont allow yourself to be swayed by a recruiter, go to where you feel you want to be. This is from a Londoner in a Scottish regiment- there were more than a couple of attempts made to have me badge RGJ!
  4. I wasn't really thinking about being a land buyer or town planner to be honest unless of the army becomes a regeneration agency :lol: - just that in my current job I deal with a lot of maps, flood plain assessments, environmental reports, surveying - geographical issues that sort of thing. Just wondered if there was anything on that side of things in the army that might be worth pursuing. :?:
  5. The Sappers do all of that: aka the Royal Engineers.

    See their website.

  6. see a recruiter
  7. Military Engineer Geographic Technician
  8. Cheers. I will dig deeper.
  9. If you're going Officer, dont even think about which Corp you're going to until you've passed Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB).

    Just concentrate on that, get it done, then look at where you'd like to go. You'll have plenty of time and people to talk to about career choices in Sandhurst.
  10. With that job description then, my answer is as that of Litotes- Royal Engineers sounds an ideal place for you.
  11. Beware, as an officer, you can ask to join a certain capbadge but the decsion is inevitabley out of your hands.
  12. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    That is perhaps one of the most stupid comments I've seen yet and you're serving? Get a grip, post something useful or don't bother.