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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by SmithsRail, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. hi is it possible to change Career in the Army, ie, if I was in The Royal Artilley as an Observation Post Assistant would it be possible to change over to AS90.. or even join the Infantry? cheers in advance for replies.x
  2. Yes you can, however normally soldiers will stay in the same trade - hopefully allowing for better promotion than bouncing around other trades. Some folk have gone from Strike over to STA and vice versa.
  3. BrumSlum - It is possible to change trades within the Gunners and even to transfer to a different Regiment/Corps (ie to Infantry), but very often it is not worth it.

    As you progress through the trade you start in, you gradually distance yourself from the other trades.

    If you joined Gunners as an OPA, did Level 2 OPA fairly shortly after Phase 2 (there is no L1 OPA course - you would do Command Systems at Larkhill Phase 2 trg), then you would have to retrade with L1 and then L2 AS90 to transfer.

    To switch to Infantry, they may ask you to complete their Phase 2 training at Catterick depending how far into Gunners you had got. Basically you put your career, including promotion prospects, on pause if you change trades as everything has to catch up.

    My advice would be to take a look at the careers open to you (as advised in ACIO), make a rough choice. If you think Gunners, then go Gunners. At Phase 1 you will meet NCOs from the Regiments and can "firm up" your decision, or change if necessary. Really last chance would be to do Phase 2 Gunner training at Larkhill and change then - either from one trade to another, or to another cap badge.

    It happens, because everybody is different and sometimes people can end up in the wrong trade, but not that often.

    Give it a crack and if there are specific bits you are unsure of then PM me and I may be able to help.

  4. When you join...if you get in ...then go on the guns....
  5. cheers for the replys guys has helped me out! x