Career change

I am thinking of a career change, any ideas of a quick traning course as I dont want to do uni , I am thinking something like a couple of months training.
type in (any trade) fast track courses, on search, HSE is ok, but your mind has got to be interested in it, as its very full on
I'd rather sit next to at dinner a pyramid scheme seller, a Jehovah's Witness and an estate agent than a H&S dullard.

Don't do it, it will consume your being. When I had to do a H&S course I spent the entire time looking at the items on my desk and thinking of ways I could incapacitate myself with them but not cause any permanent injury.
What can you already do? Generally, not specifically as you are looking to change career. Do you want a complete change, or do you just want to do something similar to what you do now but with new scenery?

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