career change (army air corp pilot)

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by twogunns, Jan 8, 2006.

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  1. I am seeking information on the possibility of a career change from the infantry to the army air corps as a pilot, 7 and a half years in and not seeing the funny side anymore.

    Wearing the rank of sergeant with an assortment of qualifications,postings and operational experiance under my belt (albeit not a lot to do with flying helicopters). Have been considering a career movement for the past six months, and any or all the information you can give me which is relevant to the start requirements and the training will be of an extremeley useful nature in helping me to decide.

    Your time and information will be much appreciated.

  2. Alright Mate,
    My advice, for what it is worth, is thus. Don't take no for an answer, that is at your unit level and above, keep pushing and always follow up your paperwork. Sensibly of course!
    A trip to a AAC unit is ALWAYS a winner, especially at interview time, and speak to the people doing the job and have an open mind, there will be detractors, and those that want their ego massaging, sorry, but it's like that anywhere. They may have some good tips on Pilot Selection.
    AGAI's is where to locate the Application, again, if there is any confusion, ask someone who has filled it in, or SO2 Pilot Selection at Middle Wallop, just ring 192.
    I'm Ex Inf myself, so i'll leave it at that, Just one other thing tho, a second class flight beats a first class walk every time!
    GOOD LUCK it's worth it!!! :lol:
  3. 7 and a half years and a Sgt, why ow why did I join the AAC what was I thinking..................! I wish I had joined the Inf and then transfered, be the RSM by now

    O well

    Yes jump in now my lucky freind the water is just the right temp for a thrusting young fellow like yourself, big shiney new Helicopter and loads of dosh so ive been told.

    Mind you Sgt at 7 years sure you dont fancy a couple of years in a black boiler kicking in doors and absailing out of helicopters first.

    Ow if i could do it all again, wouldent i have made some different choices.

    Bitter yes

    any how good luck and you never no till you have failed.
  4. Jesus your doing well, stay where you are! It's better the devil you know...................... It's not a bad job wazzing and zooming but if your a thruster stick at what your good at because you'll end up at the bottom of the pile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Working with some very good blokes but also with idiots who can't even tie their shoe lasses..........Commisioned and non - commisioned.
  5. Whats a shoe lasses?????
  6. Theres some different views coming out here and its all appreciated, however short finals we all work with idiots. we are in the army they do have a tendancy of recruiting them.
    After speaking to people a move to the AAC as a pilot appears to be a good choice, the case of starting all over again is not that much of a problem as i still have quite a few years to push.

    To quote missionary impossible "a second class flight beats a first class walk"

    bulletz and beanz
  7. Seven and a half years to Sgt!! Bloody hell. RLC MRO were telling my trade that it was 14 years to full screw when I left in 2000. I'd stay where you were and see what other rank they wanted to throw at you first.
  8. if you did come over and qaulify to be a pilot, all that i would ask from you is that you would show the groundies some good respect. From my time in a few ex inf would be okay to start off with and develop the mentality that because they were now a pilot, they knew a lot more than the groundie did, and they had not even spent time pushing and pulling.

    Definetly go to your local aac base, but speak to all types (apart from bats) and get a feel for the job in question.
  9. Yep! You gotta go for it. I'm ex inf and found myself working with a much better class of nutter!

    Good luck, when the going gets tough - DON'T GIVE UP!

  10. Sorry mate could not help it what is an AAC Base, is that like what they had in space 1999 (moon base alpha) does anybody else call them bases ? if so did i just imagine the last 17 years........

    made me snigger
  11. Perhaps he doesn't like the word 'camp'!
  12. Interestingly enough all the none AAC pilots I ever worked with and for that matter all of the other arms pilots on the whole have been great lads, not to forget to good lady pilots as well both of which came from outside the Corps. suprisingly there were not that many true blue sky gods until recently, not sure if its becouse they want pilots with aviation expereance or they just cant fill the courses anymore........! (Quote not based on fact)

    Just bare this in mind you will already be a high band SNCO but you will remain as such plus you will also recive flying pay not sure what the going rate is as I have never recived any.

    any how if you go for it good luck.....
  13. Can anyone translate for me !!
  14. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    Fair dos the AAC guys are a great lot and in better times you should not think twice about this :)

    However you should ask yourself why so many from the Inf have started pilot training then given up before completion (in the last 3 years) having had a "career interview" with their prospective MCM Div?

    Basic questions to ask are:

    1. What helos are actually flying (with or without any weapons) these days?

    2. What are my chances of flying any of them, long term?

    3. What are my chances of flying Apache (cw those who have been in the AAC their whole career)?

    Now, call me jaundiced if you will, but I think the odds against you flying anything other than a desk will be remote :cry:

    But I hear that their are openings for people of the "right stuff" willing to push paper at Middle Wallop. But the queue is very short, trust me on this :wink:

    I know personally 3 Infantry who have attempted this in the last 2 years who have returned to their respective capbadges having had a dose of reality...

    That said if you really are that miserable wherever you are now maybe a desk at Middle Wallop might be in order...

    ...and the system these days would rather keep you in; than have you as another leaving statistic :D

    Whatever you end up doing, I wish you the best of fortune :wink:
  15. I'd agree with this. Have a pop at the AAC, if you don't have any luck, what about giving this option a go? If you don't try, you'll probably get pissed off with everything and leave.