Career Breaks

The Army has launched a scheme that allows you to put your career on hold and return to it a couple of years later at the same point you left. This might be ideal for those who want to do something important in their lives – such as Cpl D****y of the Royal Green Jackets, who is taking a year out to travel around the world before he gets married. Your pension is frozen while you are out of the Army but you can rejoin on the same pay scale.
Has anyone thought of doing this or has anyone done this? Interesting..
I would check cos I think the cheeky bas****s put you on the new (toss) pension scheme. Any AGC shine some light on this cos I was wondering about it too.
I havent heard this yet but surely you would then have to go into some kind of training establishment to get through MATTS and fitness up to scratch. You would also have to be CDT to death for obvious reasons if travelling round the world. If this is true it is a good call to get more people on the new Pension scheme :roll:

There would also have to have some kind of time bar to stop people getting out when they hear about Op tours.
It must be a WAH

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