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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by tigger65, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. can anyone tell me if they have ever heard of any service person having a career break within the middle of their service and if so how did it work. :?
  2. Last year, there was something on part one's about career breaks can be applied for.
  3. There was a DCI/DIN released on this late last year. According to the latest MS Newsletter released this week, the first people to apply are beginning their career breaks this year.

    The Army CB DIN published on 1 Oct 05 (DIN 02-198) gives detail on the process for CB applications. Requests should be submitted to parent MCM Div through chain of command using the application form contained at Annex A to the DIN. Intent is for first authorised CB to start 1 May 06.

    Edited to add blurb from recent MS Newsletter
  4. There is DIN or LANDSO out about it however the long and short of it is there are a number of hoops to jump thorugh not least of which is a CoC and CO willing to stand the gap for the period you are away.
  5. You have been given the DIN and the MCM Div spin, I mean, position.

    My desk officer thought the question so funny that I could hear him laughing 500 miles away! Then he rang back and said "Exigencies of the Service....." and laughed again! :lol:

    I have less than 3 weeks to decide on whether I look good in golden handcuffs....

  6. I suppose career breaks come in several forms:

    Re-engagement leave
    Y List - pregnancy
    Y List - illness
    Suspended from duty - fingers caught in till or in Private Bloggs' privates :lol:
    Gardening leave - if one doesn't have a job to go to (Colonels only?)
    The latest wheeze

    It will be interesting to see if anyone manages to have a career break under the new rules. However, unless AG directs that a key target for MCM Div is to ensure that x% of the Army is given a career break when they ask for it, then it will never happen.

    I have a small number of years left to serve, and a career break would allow me the time to review where I want to go. I recognise, however, that having sampled life outside, I might not want to return and complete my service! Presumably, my desk officer is astute enough to realise that!

  7. somebody mentioned a few weeks ago that there is (apparently) something you can take called a "sabbatical" from the Army - up to two years, unpaid (obviously), return in same rank with no loss of seniority, and the period you were off is added to the end of your 22 year contract (or whatever contract you are on).

    sounds like a brilliant idea, but probably too sensible, too attractive and therefore too good to be true.

    unless any clerkytypes can shed any light?
  8. Knew of a guy a few years back who had over a year out of green kit to play full time Rugby as he was the Regiments "Professional Sportsman" and hence good PR value.

    It helped that the CO at the time was a full on Rugby fan and the said Soldier was his very own "Golden Bollocks".