Career Breaks (rejoining) T3

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Buckers34, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. I have been told on good advice that an old school friend applied on T2 expecting around £75,000 and had been told he was receiving that, but only received around £20,000! He was told it was because he rejoined and they calculate from your rejoin date.

    I left for 9 months between Jan 2003 and Oct 2003, I also transferred from RAC to RLC. of course this has me concerned but however much I study the DIN and do the pension calculator I still get £82,000 (inc 10k grant).

    Can anyone shed any light.


    When it says LOS 14-15 yrs is that a 1 yr period or 2 yr period as you don't leave the army after 22 yrs and 12 months, its a 22 yr career??
  2. Reading the other thread that is connected to this subject I joined on 75, rejoined on 75 and haven't moved.
  3. I'm in the same boat, joined 92, left 99 for 6 months and rejoined 99. Heard differing replies as to only second part counting for redundancy, still on AFPS 75, and pension aggregated. Would be good to get an answer as puzzle palace looked confused when asked.
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  4. I'm in that position too, but I have it on good authority that it all counts.

    Got my RAWO to find out and he came back that my service from when I first joined till present day obviously less the year I was out is what it is calculated from.

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  5. I haven't got any HR in my Regt, they're all in BGSU (Blandford). I'll go and find someone!
  6. 2 year period, read Appendix 2 to Annex B of the T3 DIN. Years served are rounded down so if you've served 15 years and 364 days on 01st Apr 13 it would be rounded down to 15 for the purpose of T3.
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  7. the KEY dates are if you are out in 2005. If you went out prior to that you left on 75 and rejoined anytime after 6 Apr 05 you will have rejoined on 05 Scheme. You can amalgamate both periods of service for Preserved Pension but your Redundancy payment will be calculated on the 05 pension only. If you were on todays briefing by the HR staff ther was a slide showing this !
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  8. MoD Redundancy Calculator

    Thats a link to the redundancy calculator, its a massive difference between rejoining on 75 and 05, I'm lucky I suppose that I rejoined on 75, thank god.

    If I rejoined on 05 I'd have got £22,000 as it was 75 I get £72,000.

    Good info and advice thanks.
  9. I can help you on the first part of your question.

    If you are still an AFPS 75 member, you can aggregate (join) your pre- Jan 2003 service (providing you got a preserved pension for it) to your new pension entitlement and count that service for redundancy.

    If you transferred to AFPS 05, the earlier period (if you got a preserved pension for it) will have been aggregated already - so no problem.

    The problem arises for those who left AFPS 75 with a preserved pension and rejoined the on AFPS 05. The redundancy rules do not allow that AFPS 75 service to count, even if it has been aggregated with the new service for pension purposes. So, it counts for pension but not for redundancy. The thing that is annoying others is that, for Tranche 1, it was allowed to count for redundancy too.

    I hope this helps.
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  10. Good job I rejoined on the 75 pension!!

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  11. I'm just trying to track down the exact amount of days that I have served as I think I'm close to being out of the bracket.

    Thanks so much for clearing that up, I slept well last night in knowing that.
  12. I've just worked out that I will have served 16 yrs and 30 days as at 01 Apr 13. This takes into account previous service and current service minus the days that I had left:

    03 Oct 1996 - 08 Jan 2003 = 6 yrs 127 days (previous service)
    07 Oct 2003 - 01 Apr 2013 = 9 yrs 175 days (current service)
    Equals 15 yrs 302 days.

    Which puts me 63 days into the bracket!

    Just had a call from a mate who still thinks and say's his CO is briefing that regardless of pension scheme that if you rejoin you loose previous service for your grant but not pension.
  13. Back to previous service!

    If you have had a career break whilst on the old pension scheme 75 and rejoin on the 75 scheme you still need to write to SPVA and ask them to aggregate your service.

    This information can be found at, appendix 6 to annex E to the T3 DIN or simply go to page 72 and read the section about Aggregation of service.