Career breaks. A chance to cut loose?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by threaders-vm, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. After a bit of research, it turns out any member of the Armed Forces can take a career break of anything from three months to three years providing it 'does not affect operational effectivness' and the individual can restart his/her career where they left off. All that is required is a nod from your old man and a contact telephone number in case of world war three ect. Has anybody on this site ever taken advantage of these career breaks, and if so, is there any advice for a soldier with eight years exp and good future prospects who has got major itchy feet for world travel outside the unvaried package holidays the army always offer/tell me to go on (joke, I am actually keen as fcuk but just a little bored). Any info or advice would be appreciated. Also ideas on what to do and where to go for six months out the army.
    Nice one.
  2. I hear Iraq is nice at his time of year. The sun is just coming out and the locals are oh so friendly.

  3. Get your self to uni for three years mate - time to travel during the summer and a qualification at the end of it. Even if you do something like outdoor pursuits.

  4. the army will pay you to do that anyway, although you do have to put on the old 95 kit 3 times a year
  5. Is that a new thing, too? As I left in September of last year, to attend uni. Although people mentioned something like that when I signed off, I don't think it was possible then.
  6. This topic was covered some time ago. MCM Div should, by now, have sorted out the process for applying - so have a go and let us know what happens. I was 400 miles away when I asked my desk officer for a career break and I could still hear him laughing half an hour after putting down the 'phone!

    With our current manning situation, I cannot see it happening, unless there is no other way to hold onto you - and you are in a shortage trade - in which case, why let you go in the first place! Catch 22.

    I'll believe it when I see it happen!

  7. no, admittedly not much choice of courses, i know of 2, both AMS. i started in 2003, sadly it all comes to an end in sept for me and i need to go back to working fulltime!!
  8. Ahhh, I can bet Clinical and Health Psychology is not on that list, too. Although that is still interesting to know.
  9. i guess mental health nurse is closest to that??
  10. I know of a female Officer that is on a career break, as her husband, military, is on an exchange post in Canada.

    I dont know if it is possible for ORs.
  11. I got out last year, lots of things were offered as a carrot to stay in, but this was never mentioned, although I had heard a rumour of it. Think it would be a good option in many cases. Do agree ull propably struggle to get any sence in between the fits of laughter though. Good luck!