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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by crazychris84, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. I am looking to join the armed forces, and in particular am attracted to the infantry. Ive had visits to the Parachute regiment and the Royal marines, and have done plenty of research on the two and so would consider these to be possible destinations for my career.

    Ok, so here's the situation.... Since completing University I looked at officer entry-I attended the RCB briefing, got my cat 1 and went on some visits (Para, Artillery, Royal Anglians). I was 100% set on the army, and so was understandably gutted when I was not selected for officer training at AOSB last month.

    Here's the dilemma.... I want to get involved in the military ASAP one way or another. I have 6 months before I can have another go at AOSB and even then there is no guarantee. I am therefore considering joining 4 Para or the RMR, gaining some military experience through this means before I can attempt AOSB again. Alternately, do I join the reg's as a pte, serve in the ranks for a while and then have another bite at the cherry aka late entry commission.

    Since finishing University I have worked in various different sectors, not enjoyed any of them, and am sure that the military is for me. Which of these seems like the best couse of action? Also I am now 22, having attended University: Would I fit in as a pte?

    In addition, what would my situation be with regards to officer entry within the TA (Given my circumstances)?

    Any thoughts/advice on these matters would be magnificent!
  2. CC84,

    I think you would have had an answer had you posted this to the Officers' Board. But I will have a go.

    1. Non-selection at AOSB is not the end of the world. Why weren't you selected? Do you know yet? Is it something you can work on?

    2. At the age of 22 with a degree behind you, I consider it unlikely that you will be content to be an ordinary soldier. No doubt it happens, but it is unusual. Late entry commissions are not possible before 30 and are usually from WO1 and WO2. It is possible to start as a soldier and be recommended for a commission but the route is the same as that which you have already attempted; AOSB, Sandhurst etc. The maximum age limit is the same.

    3. I don't know about the TA. Post your question to the TA board!

    I recommend joining your local TA, whilst you consider your options. It won't damage your chances at the AOSB and should improve them.

  3. Why do you think that you might not 'fit in' as a private? Because you have a degree? How would you be able to understand the needs and characters of your men were you to gain a comission in the Infantry if you felt like you didn't fit in and couldn't relate to them. Best of luck to you whichever path you choose, but think hard about your choices.

    Cheers Easy!
  4. I'm with Litotes on this one.
    Having already been to RCB, you can figure out where you went wrong and what you need to do to improve. Joining the TA should give you a valuable insight and some skills to ease you into RMAS. It will also demonstrate a degree of commitment. Whilst joining the ranks will give you a higher degree of intensity, you will be older and (dare I say) more knowledgeable than your conterparts. It will also inject more delay into what you're after.
    Good luck.
  5. Cheers for the reply's lads. I should get my report from AOSB any day now so i'll have a better picture then.
    I have no issues with joing as a pte what so ever. I have two good friends in Afghanistan with the Marines and their spot-on. I raised the question of whether I would fit in because if im in a training platoon which is dominated by 16 year olds, would I? They would be the people I would be 'working with.' Or is this a misconseption? What is the average age of a RM or Para?
  6. you will find that recruit platoons vary in age fro 18 to mid 20's and will change from intake to intake.

    I have a friend who joined as a gunner and was picked out for a commission, so there is always that route.

    As for TA, I also know a very good (decorated) officer who commanded an armoured infantry company in Iraq but started life as a TA platoon commander.

    Your options are indeed varied but only you can make a choice.
  7. Hard lines mate.

    Just wait for your report from AOSB, then speek to your sponsor and move from there. Don't make any rash decisions that you may regret in a few months time.

    best wishes
  8. Skin makes good sense and I shall underpin it. When I was training recruits I had the good fortune to have a 22 year old recruit with a degree.

    It was his choice that he wanted to join as a Private. In his minds eye he reckoned that if he did a year or two as a private then he would learn all the tricks of the trade etc.

    He was a fantastic recruit and won best at most things.

    I visited his regiment years later to find that he was a Major. I had the opportunity to ask some soldiers who had served under him what he was really like. I never got any gripes about him at all. Firm but fair. If you were in trouble but in the right then he backed you to the hilt.

    Good soldier and a good officer.
  9. Rifles CC84 thats all I can say
  10. If I may add a few points on this:

    1) The marines do have a much higher rate of graduate OR's than the Inf. A mate in B Coy 40Cdo says his coy is about 1/3rd grads. This seems to be down the sort of people that do it for 3 years as a post degree 'challenge', in the main. I imagine the paras would attract similiar types of people who are looking for something exciting but not a 22 yr career, so they may also have a higher graduate percentage.

    2)I have been told that intakes to ITC CAtterick are generally divided into "Old platoons" and "young platoons" so you aren't likely to be surrounded by 16 year olds.

    3)Your RCB report should give you a big clue. If you just need to brush up, then do so and re-apply. If it says you are totally devoid of any officer qualities at all, then maybe have a serious think.

    4)Rather than joining as a reg OR consider being a TA OR and then going on tour ASAP. This will give you experience serving as an OR on tour, but will not delay a subsequent officer application as much as going to the regs as an OR. (If you commit to the TA above all else, then you should be able to be trained in 6 months, and then you can volunteer for the next Telic. If you join the regs you'll be trained as quick but no guarantee on the tour.)
  11. Fitting in and relating are two different things, its also a question of whether or not you want to force yourself to fit in where you are not at ease.

    Many Officers can relate to a 18 year old inf. recruit, in as much as they understand there problems, outlook, motivations etc. They can also get along with them/fit into a degree, but that is not the same as being their mate or hanging around with them the whole time.
  12. I second that "The future's Bright, The future's Green And Orange".

    Till FEB anyway!.
  13. Thanks all for your help.
    I recieved my AOSB report and have spoken to my sponsor.
    They 'strongly reccommend' that I have another go as all the faults I displayed at AOSB were not character or personality related. Apparantly I didnt contribute enough in the planning exercise group discussion/my military knowledge was 'borderline'/although i'm fit enough, not 'agile' enough!/my planning exercise was'nt well organised.
    Any way... I'll have another go but in the meantime have decided that joining 4para would be of a benefit. I went down to Croydon on tuesday to see them and training starts at the end of feb 07 and training is 6 months. Then 2Para are in Afghanistan so there's opportunites to volenteer for that.
  14. will they let a Nig go on ops if he's straight out of basic?
  15. They're sending TA personnel out who've just completed CIC, so why not?