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Hi guys hope you can help me im currently in the recruitment phase, With my interview coming up in next few days and have still not decided what to do in the army im interested in driving and would like to do something that involves being outdoors i dont want to join infantry tho. My 3 choices are Royal Artillery Crewman, Driver/Lineman and Army Air Corps ,Also RLC driver has been mentioned ideally i would like to be in RAC my local regiment 17th and 19th Lancers where i have two friends in service. Im 20 now and 6 foot 6 and eager for a challenge as working in retail isn't doing it for me but i think im to tall for tanks Your advice would help.
If you wanna drive then your best bet is the RLC, but dont just be a driver. Driver Radio Operator is currently recruiting, they get more money than normal drivers, and you can be selected for special ops if you do well. Trust me ive done it for years, its good
with the sound of it you are from the midlands,1 RHA recruit from that area and you could be a gun driver or become a hgv driver in the mt,or train as a signaller,a lot more options for you in the gunners

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