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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by vikingtrev, Aug 5, 2011.

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  1. Can AMS soldiers speak to there desk officers direct for career advice if the current post RCMO is not your cap badge or ceg
  2. It used to be that only Warrant Officers and above could speak direct to the desk officer, the cap badge and CEG of your RCMO shouldnt be a bar to him/her contacting your desk officer, its part of their job.
  3. When I transferred into the RAMC I was told that it was only WO's and above who could speak to the desk officer which was the same detail as the infantry. However at present I am posted as a instructor and I am the only RAMC cap-badge in my unit. I recently had to contact the desk officer for some advice ref another RAMC soldier in another unit. He told me that I could call him direct if I needed to and he also encouraged the soldier I was calling about to call him and he would sort things out direct with them. So long story short you can call the DO if required and he will advise you appropriately. That said I would advise you to speak to your CofC in the first instance and then if you need to contact the DO you will have exhausted every other route possible.
  4. Concur with above, however if you do speak with your DO, make sure you inform your RCMO of any descision or outcome that has been discussed.This will save delay and frantic crisis management further on down the line.
  5. Why save crisis management it is what the AMS is all about
  6. it has any form of management?????
  7. Now now Filbert, things have moved on since you have left, well almost.