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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Rich_2k3, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. I'm doing a Criminology degree at uni and i'm thinking of becoming an Army Intelligence officer. Just want to get an insight into the job and what it involves. Thx
  2. ??????? Jurno or what!!! or weirdo

    If youre so clever try the MoD site

  3. What?!

    I've had a career change from wanting to join the police to joining the army, I just want to know what kind of things I can expect as an Intelligence officer. Why are people on these forums so unhelpful :roll:
  4. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    If you want to join the Army. Don't do Int Corps unless you like nerdstation, think that telling people that everything is secret is actually cool and that being socially inept with the basics manners of a warthog is acceptable...then you will fit right in.

    I had to spend a month at their training establishment. Hated every minute. They wouldn't even stand in the mess when a lady walked in....chippy w@nkers.
  5. Is it really that bad?
  6. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I think so, yes.
  7. Thanks for your input - slagging off the Int Corps in the Int Corps forum.
  8. rich - go on the army recruiting website look there, then go to your Army Careers advisor, there will be one affiliated to your university. And go through those channels... much more helpful and accurate
  9. This has been posted on both the Ruperts and the Spooks forums. It has attracted no response from the Occifers, but seven on here.

    Interesting no?
  10. You're correct. No.
  11. I've been all over the recruitment webpage, just want to know from you guys. What kind of work can I expect as a Commsioned officer in the int. corps? Alot of you seem to be very synical of the recuitment website and the corps as a whole.
  12. You've just failed the first Int Corps Test ie spelling cynical


    Taxi please!
  13. Trust me, if you're seriously looking for some information on the blessed Corps on the internet, that’s going to be your best bet. If you have read it, you should realise that anyone in the know on this website will not tell you any more. You'd might as well stop asking unless you are deliberately trying to goad people in to hurling nonsense at you.

    If you're serious about wanting to join the Corps, are you really bothered what a few faceless people on here have to say about it? Get yourself down the army careers office. Let them have a look at you, ask you some questions and see what their answer is.

    Top tips:
    1. Don't take a Dictaphone with you or a journalist pass.
    2. If you a fat useless Walter Mitty wanna be, don’t bother.
    3. When they ask you your name, reply 'I’m Batman, tell your friends about me.'

    Please, let us all know how you get on.
  14. Just seen what Rich_2k3 has wrote in the Multinational HQ forum. Anyone spot something unusual concidering this guy is asking questions about joining the Corps as an officer? Doesnt even sound as though his a Brit....

    I'm not making any more comments. What a tit.
  15. Huummmm yes funky something fishy here