Career advice for something where mental health isn't (so much of) an issue...

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by londonfluffy_bunny, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. I've been a lurker and occassional poster on here for a good few years now. Since there's plenty of people here who are either depressed, PTSD or both but are/were active men and women I was hoping for your perspecive.

    Both younger sisters served in the RAF and I really wanted to join the army. Couldn't join TA before/during army as recovering from ME. Found out about the Intelligence Corp at uni and fell in love with it but got scuppered after a 'wee' bout of depression snowballed into a breakdown. Realising that this would probably scupper my chances of getting clearance for either the military or civil service, I was doing much better and took a tefl job in Asia which was great but ended up having another breakdown. Back in Blighty 9 months and officially dole scum. While I'm waiting to hit on the magic combination of meds, my brain has the intellectual ability of a house brick and my social skills when I'm anxious are appalling. But my gp sent me on a gym referral which is getting me pretty fit and even out running and swimming once or twice a week despite a lack of any seratonin high. Earliest I'll be healthy enough to cope with a job looks like 3-6 months (I've never been so keen to go to work!)

    Its likely I'm going to be on anti-depressants and/or mood stabilisers for years. I still carry a torch for the armed forces but I don't think I can even be an adult leader at cadets as I wouldn't get a firearms licence. And I think it would prevent me from joining the Police.

    I'd like something that isn't desk bound, travelling around a bit every day, meeting the public, developing specialist knowledge, where good physical fitness is an asset. My skill set is in teaching and administration. No problem doing a speech to 1000 or one-to-one (when I was well). Decent IT skills but getting rusty. Used to write very well (again, lack of practice lately). My dream army jobs would have been Intel Op (with or without a language), dog handler or going commissioned as an Education Officer. Any ideas? Or anything else I won't be able to do? It doesn't have to be a 'girly' job either.
  2. PGCE and a job as a PE Teacher?
  3. Ski industry? Get yourself on a season, then go from there. If you're serious then a career as an instructor is there.
  4. This mob is always hiring.

  5. Brush up your skills and become a trainer? Perhaps with your personal experience, maybe working with other people with mental illness? Psych nurse?
  6. Goatrutar beat me to it so 2nded!
    If you enjoy the fitness & basically don't mind people why not get into the health/fitness industry?
    Best of luck to you anyhow, with recovery & career.
  7. Hi mate,

    How about talking to the job centre and seeing what course are available.

    I've known a few people that have been able to enrol on free courses to help them get back into work.

    Hopefully they may be able to help you find a course that suits your needs and start a career path in something you like to do.
  8. The Taliban are always recruiting, the medical is a lot less thorough too.
  9. Even the Taliban draw the line at recruiting broken brains.
  10. Soggy4978

    Soggy4978 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    It's fairly rare for me to offer sensible advice on here, but I'll do my best...

    Depression and other associated problems are quite common nowadays. A cynic would say it's because it's an easy diagnosis, others would say it's because in the current day we better understand mental/emotional health problems. Whilst you may not be eligible for a career in the armed forces this is no bar to many, if not most, civilian careers. Think long and hard about what you want to do with your life and go for it. If you get knocked back repeat the process.

    If you can't do what you really want to do then make the most of whatever job you can find and remember to do your best to remain up beat. Life's only as hard as we perceive it to be.

    Right, that's it for sensible comments, I'm sodding off to somewhere I can talk about boobs.
  11. To london. Good luck. Black clouds are NOT fun
  12. If you really want to join up then find out if it really would bar you from service. I've known people to have been put away for a bit and carry on serving and others to get a lucrative discharge for depression after they had divorced.
  13. It's one thing being diagnosed whilst serving but mental health issues are a bar to enlistment.
  14. It just gets better. I think I'm living out my own version of Catch 22.