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All 3 armed services seem keen to offer impressive sponsorship packages to students in return for 6 years service as an MO. Obviously money shouldn't be the prime reason for becoming a doc in the forces (but it's nice all the same!).

So which is the best service to go for as a doctor? - both in terms of getting to do stimulating medical work and serve in interesting environments? :?: From reading some of the posts on this forum, it doesn't look like it's the Army - or is there a silver lining? :D
In the early days (pre-registration), baby doctors from all 3 services are the same - all pissed about in NHS hospitals. Afterwards, it depends what you want to do. Regimental duty with the RAMC is good if you fancy a spot of sandy camping every now and then; if posted to Germany you will deal with families as well as soldiers and will gain a vast knowledge of obesity and obstetrics. You will need to get used to being stared at, as uniformed doctors are a rarity in BFG. The Navy does indeed have a nice uniform (in fact, many nice uniforms), and a tour afloat can be great fun; the ability to drink pink gin is a must. The RAF will provide the opportunity to learn aviation medicine and aeromedical evacuation; there are a few opportunities for MOs to undertake pilot training as Flight Medical Officers.

Speak to the recruiters and arrange some visits to talk to some current JMOs.
Having listened to Doctors for the last 18mths complaining about how bad a deal they get in the regular armed forces I can't see why any of them stay in. I would say being biased the army.
Just had the new rates of pay for MO's and Consultants come across my desk, very scary, if only I'd studied a bit more!!!!.
Speaking of baby Dr's, just had to endure a week with a group of Navy and Army PGMO's, from what I heard, it's pretty much of a muchness, job wise, just a different choice of locations, modes of transport, and colour of uniforms. The choice is yours, planes, boats or tanks. (I'm biased to, pick the Army, I'm also a bastard LMAO)
Thanks for all your helpful replies. From reading round the posts here I can't help noticing the following:

Doctor joins Regulars: works for NHS in a hospital, fits in some (but not enough) military training, goes on operations with the TA, NHS masters complain when he's not there, moans alot.

Doctor joins TA/RNR etc: works for NHS in a hospital, fits in some (but not enough) military training (at the weekends), goes on operations with the Regulars, NHS masters complain when he's not there, moans alot.

If I'm correct in the above analysis, you either (a) steer clear of the armed forces - but I feel military medicine has a lot to offer, or (b) you go for the option which will generate the most loot eg join TA, transfer to Regulars when you make Consultant, pass Go and pick up £50k. Though I suspect it's not that simple:)

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