Care Packages for Squaddies

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Chief_Joseph, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. I was wondering if there are any organizations that would allow me, as a yank, support serving members of the british military. My friends in the US military say they have a surplus of care packages from back home, so I thought I'd see if the squaddies needed anything. Any ideas?
  2. I suspect that the biggest problem is that parcels have to be addressed to individuals - the BFPO won't accept 'a soldier in Iraq' etc.

    What's in the packages?
  3. Anything thats needed. Maybe some books, a blanket, cookies... I don´t know. I´d like to help though.
  4. The parcel idea would be very difficult. Maybe you could do something that would help peoples' morale.

    letters (and pictures) from good american girls (and boys for the ladies)

    Do something amusing and Brit based, a poke in the eye of the establishment always makes us feel better. (i.e display the Union Flag on a famous american landmark or building).

    I dont know how tenable (or legal) these ideas are but they are just suggestions.
  5. I was thinking of that as well. All of that is perfectly legal, I'm just looking for a way to do it.
  6. This is a difficult one particularly from the USA since, as others have already pointed out, you need to know the name of an individual in the operational theatre. The MOD and BFPO will not accept packages that have no specific recipient apart from anything else there are security issues in accepting parcels from anonymous donors.

    You might like to consider donating to uk4u Thanks!. This is the charity that organises the troops Christmas Box. Their website is at:


    As you can see it is a worthwhile project and one that benefits all those deployed on operations. I don't know what links you have with other like minded Americans (but I do know that there are a lot of you); but potentially you could make a significant contribution.