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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by JEA, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. JEA


    about 5 years ago my little brother was on tour in iraq. I sent him out a parcel for christmas full of little goodies I knew he'd need. I was also in the army at that time so knew what he'd find useful. I put in things like hand wash washing powder and liquid soap, micro fibre towel, a 6x monocle (he was a minimi gunner without a susat), wind-up ipod charger, some sweets etc. went down a storm.

    He'll be out in afghan this christmas and I'd like to do the same. I'm no longer in the job and the kit that now get's issued is so vastly different than when I was in that I'm not sure what he'd find useful.

    So my question is, what would you have been greatful to recieve in a mid-tour parcel?

    What little gems of kit would have made your life easier that you overlooked pre-deployment?

    I do have one idea. The personal issue night vision monocle was brought in after I left, so I've got no experience with it, but I've seen LED infrared glowsticks, can be turned on and off unlike the chemical infrared cylume. Would this be useful, or a waste?
  2. Good on you, fraid iv been out years so i aint got a clue!, but send as much grumble pot noodles and choc as ya can :D
  3. JEA


    Ps. I intentionally left this out of of the sticky "what kit to buy for an op tour" as that's thread's quite jargon-y and I rhink it'd be useful for families to know what's useful to send out.
  4. No chocolate, it'll only melt. I doubt there's much kit he'd need as we get issued a lot of good kit now. Maybe some small toys or games like little magic sets etc.
  5. Wet wipes, Shaving Gel, drinks powders, those soluble Vit C tablets, for me the 'micro ground' Starbucks coffee straws were pure morale along with 'soft' eating licorice a camera lens cleaning kit/ brush, computer anti static wipes........
  6. Don't send aerosols - not allowed in post, grab the squeezy tubes of shaving gel, maybe some spare razors too. Send some random magazines, local newspapers, pictures from your local showing all the beer you've been drinking 'for him' Cheapo flip-flops, shorts, socks, etc, etc.

    I quite appreciated stupid stuff, anything basically, that come through the post. I have had snow chains sent to me, shampoo in a whisky bottle, gay porn, contact mags, 'vitamin drinks cartons' that looked suspiciously like cartons of wine, a pair of tartan slippers and various other bollox.

    Good luck.
  7. You might want to change the thread title then, as no-one is going to search for 'care package kit' when wondering what to send in a parcel. I suggest 'what to send in a parcel' might be better.
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  9. JEA


    Agree but won't let me. New to the site. Maybe someone could ask admin to change.
  10. Edit the title yourself.
  11. Just came back and had a solar charger that was mega for when someone put straight diesel in the generator. It was called a 'Power Monkey' or 'Solar Monkey' I believe. I also used a scented glass air freshener to cover up the general basha smell of sweat and spunk. Also used an inflatable pillow although there's a chance he's just picked himself up a yank one at their PX. As someone said before though anything that would get a smile is more than welcome, a banana hammock from Ann Summers worked on me. Good luck with it.
  12. Put loads of it in a parcel for his mate, then the Monkeys will be so busy searching his mate's post they won't have time to find the stuff you've sent your bro.
  13. Try and see if you can send him that magic button which when you press it instantley whisks you home (sadly I never had one).