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this may be a bit of a bone question, but having just got my greedy little mitts on a pair I want to make sure I look after them properly. I use parade gloss as a standard (NOT bulling them btw - I heard on another thread this damages the leather) , is this the best thing in terms of preserving the leather? or am I better using something else? thanks in advance for your advice.
Just kiwi them mate, good old normal kiwi, all I use on mine and they have been absolutely hammered since I got them. If you are into all the dash down crawl malarchy then the leater will get hammered with scuffs and chips galore but a good application of kiwi after end ex. brings them back up a treat and they are absolutely bloody gorgeous on the feet, my most comfortable boots.


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I found Nikwax to be a damn good leather treatment for the Proboots - just ensure that you don't wear them for any form of parade, after Nikwaxing they'll never take a decent shine from Kiwi !
Use that issue silicone polish stuff.

The QM should have it in stock.


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thank you very much gents - can I take it in terms of looking after the leather and the stitching (ie, preventing cracks, etc. ) Parade Gloss isnt going to do them any active harm will it?
If you genuinely want to use the proboots for field use. You will require to use a specialist polish designed for boots with breathable membranes.

If you use Kiwi or any other standard dubbing the leather pores become blocked, preventing the gore lining from breathing and, you might as well wear plastic bages on your feet!

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