Care Boxes for the troops

If anyone knows of a squaddie that would like to receive a care box whilst on deployment, or would like to send a care box out, please register at Military Support and Welfare Group!
We have gone on to send out boxes to over 1000 troops, since the start of Op Herrick 15.
I along with many others of this group, which formed on Facebook, regularly receive blueys from our lads & lasses out in Afghanistan thanking us for sending out 'parcels' from home.
It certainly is a morale booster for them.
So if anyone would like to do the same, please register on the website.

Cheers :thumright:
Although the support of the public is much appreciated, this is among the best ways to completely overwhelm the somewhat fragile Postal system in theatre - not to mention in controvention of a request written to charities from the Adjutant General. Sending these packages to a named soldier is a bit of a sly trick as you will use that name as a cover for tens of packages as happened to me when I wrote a thank-you bluey for a package my troops opened (this in fact lead to 'me' recieving 60 of these welfare packages with the posties distributing them to other units - unfortunately my parents had sent birthday packages to me at the same time which were lost in the deluge).

Over Christmas time the problem is increased infinately as soldiers actual mail from friends and family (those the free postal service is meant to benifit) can be lost in a sea of these welfare boxes. Additionally, because there is so much mail progressing through the supply chain units will have to prioritise between mail and other stores such as food and ammunition; guess what wins. This means the overall time of getting mail from sender to soldier is increased LOTS as the volume of mail is just too much.

Is there another way to show your support?
Thank you for your reply..

While I totally agree with the mis-use of the BFPO mail system, as a regular sender of welfare parcels out to Afghanistan, can I point out some inaccuricies that your reply indicates.

1. We send to named service personnel.

2. Limit the allocation of that person to no more than two people.

‎3. The service person has actually registered with us for this facility, therefore the onus is on him/her to be more circumspect as to how many various senders they have given there details to.

4. We also send out to a named liasion, so that only one person gets our boxes to hand out to firstly to the more needy... those troops who for reasons not known... do not have a family member or friends to send to them.

5. We behave responsibly at all times, in fact we have never sent any boxes to the sands from Nov 15 till the Jan 4.

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