Cardio and Calisthenics

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Knightwars4, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Hey ARRSE,

    Long time since I've last posted and all. Was just wondering would following the "Get fit for the Army" programme allow you to get minimally fit for the infantry or would you excel at fitness once it is completed?

    My own thoughts are that it won't train you enough to meet the the mark. You have to repeat it a few times over and increase the intensity accordingly. Though in my case I'm going to complete the programme fully once then move onto the Para Fitness Guide.

    If you need anymore info just ask.

  2. To be honest mate I wouldn't **** about with any of these stylised all singing, all dancing fitness guides, I think they are designed for the mongs that can't even put one foot in front of the other without being told when and how.

    If you've got a bit of time before you start and looking for a good base level of fitness (which is all you need as they will build you up in depot) just get yourself a set of push-up bars, a pull-up bar, some kind of sit-up apparatus and a decent set of running trainers and start banging out press-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and alternate between short faster runs and longer, steady state runs.
  3. That actually sounds solid. I was told something similar on my Army Officer Insight Course a few weeks ago. Though they didn't mention the above programme at all. Neither did the PTI. So something must be up with the programme.

    Short run and long runs. Okay. All round calisthenics and kit. Alright. I'll give it a go. Luckily I've managed to use my local park facilities to substitute buying any kit like pull bars etc. Looks weird working out in the park with loads of people watching. Especially if your failing at an exercise:)

    So do you reckon that'll improve my 1.5 mile time? I did it in 11:31. At my fastest.:(
  4. Need to do 1.5 miles and try to improve.
    Also Fartlek/Sprints.
  5. If you want to make getting a bit more fun, my advice would be to just stick to running with an ipod like normal people :)
  6. I used to do that a lot and it was bloody well magical. I managed to keep up a fast past by disassociating myself from the run with music and to keep my pace constant.

    I don't do it nowadays because I won't have access to an iPod in the Army or at Sandhurst. That and my hearing has suffered due to constant exposure to music for prolonged periods of time:(
  7. How about adding in long, endurance runs as well? To develop endurance, improve running base and to put that speed training to the test. What do you say?
  8. How about the gym, and are you telling me ipods are not allowed as a private item?
  9. I wouldn't know in too great a detail on the iPod bit mate. I just thought the PTI wouldn't allow you to use them on runs. Nothing more. As a private item, I don't see why not.

    Honest answer about the gym, too expensive. Thus I use my local park and work with the facilities they have there. Monkey bars used for pull ups, balancing beam for tricep dips etc etc.
  10. To specifically improve your 1.5 mile time, get some interval training involved in your runs. For example, find a 1.5 mile route that ends somewhere near a football pitch. On completion of the 1.5 mile, dress onto the football pitch and go around the touchline by sprinting the length (best effort), jogging the width (to recover), sprinting the length, jogging the width and so on.

    What I do is set myself a reward for setting a personal best on the 1.5 mile run, ie, if I beat my 1.5 mile run time I only do 5 rotations of the football pitch. If I mong it and don't beat my personal best, I punish myself for idleness by doing 10 rotations of the football pitch. It is amazing how much the thought of saving yourself 10 minutes of pain will speed you up on the 1.5 mile run.
  11. That extra element of an incentive is an interesting twist. I'll give it a go.
  12. That certainly is a motivating theory :) although if you really want to punish your tell yourself you'll be forced to watch Star Trek Voyager for 3 episodes non-stop
  13. Noooo!!! You wouldn't dare, you bloody barbarian:D
  14. Oh yeah lads, I got another question rolling. How young did any of you start training for the Army? I'm 16 if your wondering.

    I just want to see if I'm over doing it in terms of how early I'm preparing myself. Though I do have the Army Scholarship Board to attend next year.
  15. Dead thread eh? Come on, just answer the above question and we're done.