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Cardinal George Pell

But not Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian or Shinto priests, Hindu mystics, Buddhism lamas, Jewish rabbis or Muslim imams (other religions/sects are available)? You obviously credit the Catholic clergy with almost magical powers of persuasion by comparison to their apparently feeble brethren.

Well they certainly don't have magical healing powers. And neither does their Great Sky Pixie. Tens of thousands of His devout worshippers have popped their clogs in a pandemic that makes the Plagues of Egypt look like a bad dose of the sniffles, and the Pope's giving Easter Mass online from an empty cathedral. And yet today over a billion Catholics will get on their knees, kiss God's arse and pray for a miracle that will never come.

I will readily concede that all other religions are equally worthless as Catholicism. They are all fairy stories people tell rather than face the unpleasant truth: you are not a spark of the Devine. You are a tiny, insignificant speck in a vast, uncaring universe. And when you die, that's it. No Heavenly Choir, no eternal torment. Just oblivion. A complete cessation of consciousness. You might as well worship Thor; at least the movies are fun.

All religions are essentially Long Cons, the perfect way to strip the sheep of their money, their sexual consent and in the most extreme cases, their very lives. What separates the Catholic Church from the rest is that they've been doing it bigger and better and for much longer than anyone else. Compared to the Vatican Mob, the Scientologists are rank amateurs.;)
There's obviously a lot more to this than meets the eye. Hopefully due process will be followed, and come up with the correct result for those wronged in the saga so far.

'Police have arrived at the NSW seminary where Cardinal George Pell is living amid reports he is facing fresh criminal investigations. Pictures published by Nine News show at least four officers entering the premises on Tuesday afternoon. The Herald Sun this morning broke the news that Victoria Police have been secretly investigating new claims against Cardinal Pell. The accuser is believed to be a male who works in a professional role who made claims about alleged child sex abuse that date back to the 1970s. Victoria Police told they weren’t able to comment on the claims made in the report.

'Cardinal Pell earlier spoke out after his conviction for child sex abuse was overturned, saying he “wouldn’t be entirely surprised” if Victoria Police tried to prosecute him again in future. In an exclusive interview with Sky News Australia after his conviction for child sex abuse of two choirboys in Melbourne in the 1990s was quashed, Cardinal Pell said he believed he was the victim of a biased ABC agenda and he couldn’t explain the 26 charges laid against him. “I don’t know how you explain it but it is certainly extraordinary,” he told Andrew Bolt on Monday, adding that he “wouldn’t be entirely surprised” if he were to face charges again.

'Last week, the Australian High Court quashed Pell’s five convictions for child sex abuse in a unanimous decision. “There is a significant possibility that an innocent person has been convicted because the evidence did not establish guilt to the requisite standard of proof,” the statement from seven leading judges said.

'Cardinal Pell – who was once the third most senior Catholic in the Vatican – has always maintained he is innocent of carrying out child sex abuse. He has spent 405 days behind bars and said it was “not a sign of a civilisation where you have guilt by association. The pendulum 30-40 years ago is massively against anybody who said that they had been attacked. Nowadays, we don’t want it to swing back so that every accusation is regarded as gospel truth, that would be quite unjust and inappropriate.”

'He also took aim at the ABC, claiming that the national broadcaster had pursued an agenda against him. “I believe in free speech and I acknowledge the right of those who differ from me to state their views,” he said. “In a national broadcaster to have an overwhelming presentation of one view and only one view, I think that’s a betrayal of the national interest.”

They guy is bent as fook. He moved his house mate (another kiddy fiddling Catholic) from Church to Church to escape the complaints and at no point did Pell call the police.

I wouldnt cover up for anyone, not a relative or close friend and yet here we are Cardinal Pell.

Hiding it to protect his Church, essentially facilitating it, the guy is scum.

Doesnt take much of a leap of faith from facilitating to partaking, it is as morally corrupt.

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