Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Whiskybreath, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. [​IMG]

    That logo cost:
    It will:
    I'm in the wrong job.
  2. What was the point? Either of the rebranding or of Cardiff?

    "Progressive", yeeeeessss. I hear that word a lot on State telly when I'm in China. Apropos of nothing, of course.
  3. Shithole full of twats. Go to Swansea instead.

    A more realistic advert and Ill only charge half the amount
  4. ...and surprisingly persuasive.
  5. I agree and the women are more,err, friendly :D :D

    I reckon that's where the next crawl should be.
  6. Still, it's got to be better than Glasgow's latest offering:

    "Glasgow. Better than Abuja, it's Official!"
  7. But Cardiff does have a bit to put up with.

    I worked there contracting in the 90s. I was putting door entry systems in at an area called Bute Town. The City Council idea was to sto things like drug taking, defecating and urinating on the communal stairways.

    We had to access the flat blocks' communal meter cupboards. That required shovelling out the crap the residents had thrown in there. Rotting fruit, meat etc. About waist to chest high.

    As we worked there we watched some local Welsh each week arrive to clean up after the Bute Town locals. I refer, of course, to the refuse collectors who arrived with shovels and a gulley sucker it seems as a matter of course. After clearing the waste from the pavement the gulleysucker would move in to clear the drains of the detritus from the weeks rubbish washed into them.

    Mockingly about forty yards away were the pristine unused bins of a waste transfer system. Bottles, paper, etc etc.

    We often heard the Bute locals say to their offspring (who gathered on the street in the mid afternoon to join up with the collarless pit bulls who ran loose) "Remember you are Somali"

    One day we were commissioning and wearing radios on belts. That got some trouble. A large black gentleman drew up in a Transam and asked "Can I help you officers". He thought we were plain clothes South Wales Police and he was sure no permission had been properly sought to enter his territory.

    On leaving the contract we were told that the City inspector had written that we did a high standard of work except for leaving the meter cupboards in a bit of a mess. It was explained that this was Cardiff humour as it was well known what the meter cupboards are like on that area of flats.

    So that is Cardiff. Host to the country's longest established ethnic minority community and, therefore, exemplar of multiculturalism.

    A logo ? Genius. That will point the way forward.
  8. Unfortunatly a bit misleading (IE Go to Swansea instead) .

    Have always found Wales a nice place to come from but I would not want to live there (72 hours at xmas every other year is sufficicent thanks)

  9. Bouremouth refused to use this as a promotional video - which is a pity.

  10. Rot and DAI swansea boy ;)

    Go Cardiff, go Caerphilly.

    but WTF is that all about? this is the first I've heard of the thing, and I just got back from there!!!
  11. It cost £400,000 to produce the Olympic logo.
    It cost £250,000 to produce the NHS logo.
    Nottingham spent £120,000 to redesign its logo which changed nottingham to Nottingham (honest, just gave it a capital N)

    So yes, definitely in the wrong job. The 40 grand for the Cardiff one seems a bit of a bargain, really.
  12. "yeeeeessss"...getting a bit Paxman on us there :wink:

    This is a problem across the UK. Liverpool the capital of gun culture, Manchester, Newcastle, East London, Glasgow etc..they're all dumps. Why only ask what's the point of Cardiff when there's a multitude of 'population centres' deserving of that question?

    The bay's nice, as are certain suburbs and Penarth. Other parts have been redeveloped but Cardiff still has the same assortment of vagrants, clowns, chavs, plebs and all round c**nts. The Cardiff accent is one to be desired, but then the same goes for the Liverpool accent. Perhaps this had something to do with the mass influx of Irish at one time. Strange since the Irish accent is pleasant to thy ears.

    I also happen to live there :roll:
  13. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Show me a nice place in Wales, and i'll show you an episode of The Prisoner :D


    Portmerion is the only place in Wales that scrubbed up nicely for TV, and ironically did so in an era when the nation was doing a LOT of drugs.
  14. Well there's quite a few of us ex crabs in Cardiff which raises the tone of the place. If you visit don't miss the Pillars restaurant & the Old Arcade pub & sink a few pints of 'Skull Attack'
  15. [​IMG]

    I would say the same of England and Scotland. But then we both have enough sense to know that urban decay is confined to the city scapes not the country. Tea and alcohol were especially popular in those days :wink: