Cardiff X-Mass Crawl

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by press_it, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. anyone interested in a crawl to celebrate the festive season in the Fabled Land of Cardiff?
    some time in December.
    I'm sure Bossy will second the proposal? :)
  2. I could well be tempted, need to know some dates though.
  3. Dates
    we (well, I) have available:

    (provisional, depending on work) Friday dec 1st
    (provisional, depending on work) Friday dec 8th

    Sat 9th

    Fri 22nd (yeah, I know, black friday!)

    Sat 23rd
  4. Seconded...but not the 8th or 9th if possible ta.
  5. so we have then:

    (provisional, depending on work) Friday Dec 1st

    Fri 22nd Dec(yeah, I know, black friday!)

    Sat 23rd Dec
  6. Yes, any of those is good for me cheers. :D

    Er, is the 23rd the 23rd Dec or Nov :?
  7. edit above to clarify dates ............ :roll:
  8. I vote friday the 1st..everyone has been paid by then, so no excuses not to have a few drinks.

    Press_it check your Pm's
  9. Hmm im paid on the 15th so its not quite right, but those weekends should be ok, Mad Friday is a bit of a sticky one tho.

    That would have to be my last choice although I will definitiely be in Cardiff village that night.
  10. Well, tuck a few quid away Potyos :D
    Cardiff...a village?? have we got the same Cardiffs here :?
  11. Hmm the same one but its a small city so I call it a village, not sure why?

    Ok now you've made me feel stupid i'm not sure if i'm going to come anymore. I might get embarassed. :oops:
  12. Aw dont be like that :lol:
    I'll buy you a bag of walkers finest to show theres no hard feelings :D
  13. Wow, you're just the girl who keeps on giving.
  14. Its a small price in return for a pint Pots :lol:
  15. Now you're just taking liberties :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.