Cardiff X-Mass Crawl

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anyone interested in a crawl to celebrate the festive season in the Fabled Land of Cardiff?
some time in December.
I'm sure Bossy will second the proposal? :)
we (well, I) have available:

(provisional, depending on work) Friday dec 1st
(provisional, depending on work) Friday dec 8th

Sat 9th

Fri 22nd (yeah, I know, black friday!)

Sat 23rd
Hmm im paid on the 15th so its not quite right, but those weekends should be ok, Mad Friday is a bit of a sticky one tho.

That would have to be my last choice although I will definitiely be in Cardiff village that night.
bossyboots said:
Well, tuck a few quid away Potyos :D
Cardiff...a village?? have we got the same Cardiffs here :?
Hmm the same one but its a small city so I call it a village, not sure why?

Ok now you've made me feel stupid i'm not sure if i'm going to come anymore. I might get embarassed. :oops:
right, looks like the 1st Dec so far.
copy & paste the below & add your name, or do a new date heading & insert name.

1st Dec 06 Crawl
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