Cardiff: where are the naughty ladies?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bigeye, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. I hope this the correct place for this - I didn't want to go anywhere the NAAFI as this is a serious request.

    For some reason a friend has decided that he wants to stage his Stag do in Cardiff (well he's Welsh).

    We're an eclectic mix of media types, farmers, Army (Commissioned and Non), Doctors and whatnot - also we are all fairly 'mature' 40 somethings.

    Can anyone recommend a good pub with an upstairs private room for the evening do?

    It's possible we may also engage the services of some 'dancers'.

    Obviously I'll try the internet but any suggestions based on first hand knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Well theres this place.
    Never been there myself, so I cannot guarentee it's any good.

    Get yourselves to High St./St.Marys St. where all the pubs and clubs are.
    You've got the Brewery Quarter on St.Marys Street where the old farts hang out.
    Or the Borough on St.Marys Street for the really old, alcoholic farts.
    Alternatively you could pop into The Old Arcade and chat with Tropper as it seems to be his favourite haunt. Warning, it's another old ***** pub.

    There is also a strip club just up from the big O'Neils pub on the corner in St.Marys Street.
    There are also a few more traditional pubs like the Queens Vaults on Westgate Street by the Millenium Stadium.

    To be fair as soon as you get into Cardiff City Centre you'll be tripping over all the pubs and clubs there.

    I've no idea if any of these have rooms you can book though, sorry.
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  3. Your best bet is to go to Caroline street, aka chip alley, at the one end is a delightful place that apparently is an easy spot to find someone of loose morals. It's just on the right, can't remember the name though.

    There was a lap dancing joint on St Mary street but don't expect stringfellows, more council estate slapperfellows.
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  4. There is also the Golden Cross.
    It's an old traditional pub across the road from the back end of John Lewis.
    Really nice pub, and very welcoming, if you know what I mean. ^_~
  5. The two pubs at the top of Caroline St., are strictly woofter and 'hetro's' are frowned on. As Miner has said, best stick to St Mary's St., Queen St., in the city centre, for a good time, you won't go far wrong. If you really want to push the boat out and attract a better class of scubber then try Cardiff Bay. It's bouncing, loads of bars/pubs etc., but be warned, some of those tarts charge as much as ten of your English pounds. If you want a cracking meal/menu at very reasonable prices try The Brasserie, (and the one next door, same set-up but can't remember the name) at the railway station end of St Mary St., and opposite the Walkabout pub, but stay out of Le Monde, which is also next door but upstairs. Same food/menu/service but two/three/four times the price

    Bit of advice. Stay in the centre of town/the Bay, stay in a gang - don't become detached from the crowd - and you'll be fine.

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  6. I had a similar evening... in Wisbech. But instead of farmers and journalists , this lot were builders. Always one of them organised the "entertainment" we'll call him Dave. Dave was entrusted to pay the ladies as well this time, so, in addition to dressing in a black leather jacket with shades a' la pimp style, the deranged fantasy extended to meeting the girls in the carpark and paying them a flash wad of cash (low denomination notes, of course, to provide more bulk, and "rustle"), however the muppet caved in to their psychological pressure and charms and payed them BEFORE the show.... everyone else was in the club drinking. The boss, of these builders saw Dave come in the side door... unaccompanied, and scurried over to him to quiz him, immediately upon hearing the news that the doofus had already parted with the wad, he sprinted outside just in time to block the egress from the car park entrance of these "ladies" in a BMW.. who claimed a big misunderstanding.

    the show was quite good, but the entertainment went on mostly as private arrangements upstairs... when all over they made their way out... and... under the low spotlights one of them walked quite near to me by the bar......under the focused light of the ceiling spotlight it looked as if a snail had made its glistening trail all over her neck face and cleavage.
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  7. Not necessarily so. There's not that many pubs/bars down there. The Bay is ok in the summer when everyone drinks outside. Believe me, on a pissy winters/springs evening it's shit.

    Reference the bold: You're probably on about Champers.
    Agree with all the above. You've also got Caroline Street for your chicken curry off the floor & chips at the end of the night. Or the Taurus steak house on the corner of Caroline street which is open to the early hours.

    Agree. Everywhere else is shit. Don't get misled into going to a party in Grangetown, Canton, Ely, **** it anywhere else.

    It's not that bad. We don't eat strangers you know. I now have images of swarthy taffs hunting in packs for the stray that leaves the fold.
  8. Thanks everyone. All very helpful. We all used to go out in Cardiff central quite a bit in the 90's after a few pints of SA so I know that there can be a bit of nonsense now and again. But No more than any major city. I bloody loved the Philharmonic and the Tom Tom club.

    To be honest we are staying in the Bay. I've had a couple of good nights there when I've been working down that way. I'm hoping to find one of the older pubs with an upstairs room (Like one of the traditional Brains pubs) and get the girls to come to us. I've never been a fan of lap dancing/strip/clip joints because you get clipped.

    I'm hoping we can engage some of Detmold's ladies.
  9. The Philly has gone the way of the Dodo, alas.
    Had many a good night in there as well.
  10. They are in no way "mine" !!!!!

    word of caution... the above tale occured during a long dusty hot summer night many years ago... just some local old boys "funnin around" officer.... nowadays everyones trafficked, watch your back.
  11. **** me! Spoilsport, I was looking forward for the post action report of how a bloke called Tarquin kept pinching his arse and how he lost a fight against a big bloke with spiky hair and dungarees who was called Sharon.
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  12. That's genuinely disappointing. Thursday nurse night used to be awesome there.
  13. " Huge gangs of tough sinewy men roam the valleys terrorising people with their
    close-harmony singing"

    Be very afraid :)
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  14. WTF? I have been hammered in Cardiff loads of times and never felt the need to stay in a gang. I have to say walking the kids down Queen Street at about 21:30hrs was a bit of an eye opener for them.

  15. You for ******* real? Cardiff is an awful place only for the fact it's full of South Walians, however Mogadishu it is not!