cardiff van incident

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maguire, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

  2. What is it with Wales lately? April Jones - arrest for murder but no body, Catherine Gowing, House fires, and a mad Van driver.
  3. Because there are 38 million motor vehicles in the United Kingdom and it would be an absolute waste of breath. Pretty much the same reason as their voices are just about useless in relation to firearms in the States.

    And to be perfectly frank, despite being a firearms advocate, the comparison between firearms and cars has always struck me as being a tad facile.
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  4. Banning vans would be an unnecessary overreaction. What needs to happen is some sort of scheme needs to be set up so that all vans are registered, and all those who use them should be licensed.
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  5. I thought the Mail was read by Gun toting Tory farmers who want to cull the working class? Thats what the Current Affairs forum told me
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  6. Outside of the military, I think only the police should be allowed vans. Even then only a selected few specially trained ones who can be called on when plod in cars need a van.

    Clearly the general public cant be trusted with vans. Only a few should be allowed access to Bedford Rascals or Ford Transit Connect vans, but only for members of the public who are vetted, can prove a need for them or involved in a hobbie that requires them, and they should be kept in a huge safe when not needed. Under no curcumstances should they be used for home defence.

    Won't anyone think about the children?
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  7. Are deactivated vans OK?
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  8. Jimmy Savile did. All the time.:wink:
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  9. Jimmy Saville did. Did he have a van?
  10. Yeah, a camper van.
  11. It must be ten years since I have seen a Bedford Rascal van or pick-up, or this version:


    Are they now stored in a slate mine in North Wales, alongside the works of art, the steam locos and all that other stuff?
  12. Yes, Yes he did

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