Cardiff the worlds 6th best place

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    Thanks for that Trops, I was feeling a bit down and needed a laugh :)
  2. Fuck off is it!
  3. Tiger Bay, there's lovely now!
  4. Fcuk that, I'd rather be gang raped by feminist journos than go to that shitehole.
  5. 1 - Muskoka Cottage Country, Ontario, Canada

    2 - Patagonia, Argentina

    3 - San Juan Islands, Washington

    4 - Minneapolis, Minnesota

    5 - Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

    6 - Cardiff

    7 - Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

    8 - Azores, Portugal

    9 - Roatan, Honduras

    10 - Istria, Croatia

    Source: National Geographic Traveller
  6. where else was in the list???? Mogadishu,the slums of mumbau, Catterick? 6th best place in the world to have your head smashed in with a BRAINS SA bottle maybe
  7. Tredegar not get a mention then?
  8. They probably went through Swansea to get there, anywhere (even Slough) would seem heavenly after that.