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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by cardiffstudent, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. After spending the first year of uni getting fat and unfit i've decided to do something about it. I'm either going to join the OTC or TA come september.
    I was wondering whether anyone here has had experiences of good or bad TA units in Cardiff. The Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) apparently has a unit in Cardiff, which appeals to me. Has anyone got any experience of this unit?
    Also what exactly does the TA do on a weekend away?
    Is it staying in barracks doing fitness and military skills or more putting the skills you know into practise in the field.
  2. im in the process of joining the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers oldbury TA branch
    i first applied in march and im only just going for selection at maindy barracks cardiff this saturday (june 28)
    so if u want to be doing stuff by september i suggest u start applying now
  3. The Rmon RE(M) at Cardiff is an outlying troop - two troop at Llandaff North. SHQ is at Cwmbran TAC 01633 838006.

    They mostly train in Engineering skills. Best thing is to phone SHQ on the above number and if possible pop into Cardiff TAC on a Weds night. Good bunch of blokes when I knew them, though a few have left now. Good bar :)
  4. RMon Re (m) best regiment in the TA, we are so good we are not volunteers we are militia. Join, you wont regret it !
  5. 53 Signal Squadron sounds pretty good I reckon.
  6. 53 sigs may be good, but R Mon RE (M) is better. we play with explosives
  7. maindy barracks is pretty cool just got back from there
  8. Where u on the RSC ?
  9. I was down there helping out, dropped some recruits down to. Enjoy it ?
  10. yeh knackered now tho
  11. Nah!! Sat in a landrover or tent talking to someone miles away. :evil:

    Join the Mons. Weekends in Weymouth :D

    Best thing to do is call into both TAC's and see how they sell it you. Then you can make your own mind up.
  12. You are R Mon RE (M) to? You will have good fun within this regiment! Cant praise it enough. What time did you get on the run?
  13. yeh hopefully :) 16 minutes lol crap i know ive never been good at long distances even tho ive been practicing for ages
  14. I was the young sapper on one of the corners cheering u on :d