Cardiff Pish Up

best date for you to have night on the pish?

  • 01st July?

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  • 04th Aug?

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  • 05th Aug?

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I know it is now late in the day , thou we have 2 weeks.
but we have had a request via pm for a possible date change. see poll & vote accordingly.
cant do the 5th aug myself as I am days on the next day.
did try to put a 4th option on the poll, that being a crawl on the 1st july & 4th aug, but the system would have none of it.

Well i vote the 4th :D
yep. I'm provisionaly in for the 4th of Aug.
The Crawl on the 1st of July is still going ahead too as far as I know.
That is true :D
You wish, who was it who struggled towards the end and said..another drink and i'll be sick? It wasn't me :D
And who kicked off at dinnertime with a pint to your gay half pint? and finished the night on the hardstuff? Not you buster :lol:
Yout lardy arrsed gay bruv, who decided that it would be a good idea to run out of petrol :x
both it is!

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