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Having been away from the hallowed halls of ARRSE for a while, MODs please feel free to move this thread to the NAAFI or wherever is appropriate. It seems the torches are to be fired up, the outrage horse and cart to be first paraded and crowds with sharp objects to be mustered.

On faceache, the duty rumour has spread that Cardiff City Football Club (sorry to bring wendyball into it), have decided to NOT donate a club shirt to LCpl Scanlon QDG. Now, I know for a fact that CCFC gave the Welsh Guards a decent "welcome home" in as much as they gave a few lads some free tickets.
The message I received on faceache was this:

"Today Cardiff City football club were approached by the family of LCpl Scanlon QDG, who was tragically killed in Afghanistan earlier this week, to see if the club would donate a club shirt to put in his coffin as he was a massive Cardiff City fan. Shockingly, the club said no as 'they don't do that sort of thing'. Please REPOST this far and wide to ensure that the club is shamed by it's behaviour."

Any thoughts, inside knowledge ?

I know the some of the QDG guys in Germany are looking for answers (and no, I've not become a jurno since my last post, I've got ******* standards).
I have several thoughts;

1. If he was that much of a fan surely he already owns at least one of their shirts and one that he owns and has worn would make far more sense to put into his coffin as something he loved rather than something that's been blagged after he's died.

2. I'm not sure if there's really anything wrong with a business saying "sorry we don't give stuff away for free" in anything other than very extreme circumstances (ie someone will die/get seriously injured if they don't get this item) which this isn't really.

3. As with anything on Faceache, are we even sure his family have approached the club or that the club have said no?
But did you repost just incase the elephant doesn't trample you or whatever the threat is for not doing so?

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