Cardata- Dont touch them!!

This is advice really to anyone that might get a call from a company called cardata.

Over Xmas I had my car advertised in several newspapers and also online with autotrader. It was a Vauxhall Asta, 3 door, silver, 03 reg and was up for £ 2150. I hadnt really sold a car privately before, so was a bit naive to be honest. Anyway, I needed some money pretty quick, and I had another car anyway so decided to flog the Astra.

Anyway, didnt hear a thing for about 10 days, when I received a call from a salesman from a company called cardata. He stated that he got my details off autotrader online and that he had potential buyers for my car. He stated that they offer finance to people so they have the chance to purchase cars, even old ones like mine that are worth 2 grand. He also said that cardata had been trading for over 25 years and would guarentee me a sale within 14 days or I would get my money back. But he would need a one off payment of £ 99.99.

Being reluctant to make a payment with a credit card over the phone to a stranger, I asked him to ring me back the next day..I wanted time to think and also look into this company. He said, when shall I ring you back and what time?...I did think he seemed a bit pushy and desperate but didnt think anything of it.

Anyway, I looked on their website and it all seemed genuine- make a payment and sell your car within 14 days or get full refund. So thats what I did, and like a fool I paid them £99.99 and waited for the buyers to ring.
They didnt. Infact I never got one phone call. I got in touch with them after 14 days and said I wanted a refund...they refused by saying that they would just keep my car advertised until it was sold and I wouldnt get a penny back. I was raging and even threatened them with Trading Standards, but this didnt even make them level with me, they basically said go ahead.

After looking into cardata, they havn't been trading over 25 years, infact they have changed their name countless times..I wonder why?.....also I have read many reviews from people who have also been ripped off by this company of bullshitters....they had the cheek to rip me over xmas to make matters worse. Id rather have gave my £ 99.99 to a childrens hospice.

Moral of the story, if your trying to sell a car through the media, dont accept any call from cardata, they are a bunch of liars and thieves and Id love to send them all off on a staff outing trip to Afghanistan
would your credit card company give you a refund under their insurance?

STILTS said:
would your credit card company give you a refund under their insurance?

I think, can't be certain, that a transaction has to be >£100 to qualify for credit card indemnity; could be why it's £99.99.
For the sake of 99 quid, I let it go..just warning potential car sellers abput this bogus company and how they can get their claws into people..I always learn things the hard way!


They might be the same people who years ago offered to flog your car on teletext. People didn't give credit card details on the phone then so they sent you a bill. Fortunately they went bust before they could browbeat me into paying it :oops:
The first question I would ask is: If they are providing the buyer, and they are getting your info from Autotrader, why did they not load the buyer's bill up with the £100.

I would contact Autotrader and make a complaint that they're records database is being abused by another company. I think it's illegal (or copyright offences anyway) for someone else to use that info commercially, such as for cold calling purposes. Autotrader own that data, not Cardata.

I would have said to them: I have already paid Autotrader to advertise my car, and if I wanted to advertise it with you, I would have done so - don't cold call me, ever.

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