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  1. Can anyone remember the rules and names of the card games that used to be played before nintendo and sony took over the ones i can remember are Sgt Major, cannot remember how to play, Euka (RE/REME) game, there was another game that was played where you said how many suits you could win, my memory is crap.

    Any help?
  2. Euka needs 4 players. I'd spend all day trying to type the rules.

    Sgt Major was a 7 card game, a bit like trumps, and you try and win tricks. Each round the cards get thinned out by 1.
  3. Seemingly endless sessions of Pontoon and Last Card.

    Everyone knows the rules to the first game and no one knows the

    rules of the second. They seemed to alter according to who the players

  4. Sh1t on your mate,
    Hunt the Cnut
    2 I remember, there was also gin rummie for the more intense.
  5. the game you can't remember sounds like "nomination whist" or "nommie", you called your trumps and then called in a partner hoping they could help you reach your total......was a game played for many hours when waiting for the hairy arrsed russians to invade in the early 80's
  6. deffo nommie - wasted many an hour playing that.

    Even got dealt the perfect hand once - 13spades - 13tricks and call yourself in - some funny looks I got when I did that :D
  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

  8. Sgt Maj 3 players 16 cards each(box of 4 dealt out at random during deal)dealer calls trumps changes four cards for box needs 8 tricks hand to the left 5 tricks third hand 3 tricks deal rotates each hand..As the game progresses hands become up or down tricks, during the next hand before trumps are called hands that are up can then exchange weak cards with the hands that are down for the strongest card in the suite that has been passed. claim all 13 tricks to win.
    Also regularly played where chase the ace,Hunt the cnut.
  9. Spent many hours and Dmarks on chase the ace
  10. Not a card game, but was taught to play Liar-dice by this guy


    Sitting in another damp wood on Ex Javelin(?) which was the umpire exercise to practice for Crusader 80.

    <fx rips finger while trying to open Paderborner stubby with anti-handling cap>
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    What about that German thing that involved hammering nails into a block of wood? I never saw the point of letting something like that interfere with beer o'clock.
  12. Hunt the cnut,brings back memories of games that would go on for days.
  13. Noms, Spent ages playing that on the trains to Ranges etc while drinking Herfies or Paderborner. :wink:
  14. Not a card game but...... "Uckers" Actually sanctioned by the Royal Navy with the rules in BR4006 - Sports and games in the Royal Navy [or words to that effect]. For the rules and details on how to make a big FO board and accoutrements, got to .... http://www.gunplot.net/uckers/uckers2.html [If you cannot get hold of shell casings then a broom handle cut into rounds and painted will suffice.
    Ludo it definitely ain't!!!!