Card Cloning

What a weekend I have just had. On Saturday I get a letter from my bank which naturally I don't open as it looks like a loan advert or some junk mail. If it had had URGENT or ACHTUNG written on the front I might have paid it more attention. When I sorted through the mail on Sunday night prior to binning it, I find out it is a letter from my manager. Asking me if I knew I was £800 overdrawn. Panic began to set in. I had had this letter over 24 hours.

So I logged on to my online account. I nearly died of shock. By now I was £1500 overdrawn. Checking the the statement it seemed some scrotes were touring Northern Ireland with a copy of my card and having a jolly time. Ards, Ballymena. Newcastle, Collin Top. All places I have never been to. I had trouble finding some of them on the map! It was going into ATMs up to 7 times at one session and they were only taking £40 a time ( presumably to prevent being noticed ) By Sunday they had flown to Birmingham and then used it again in Brent and Barnet.

The moral of this tale is. Cover your PIN. If a machine looks dodgy it probably is, and if the other machines in the street are 'out of order', are they really, or are they just channelling you towards the rigged one?

It will now be at least 15 days till I see my money again. If I ever do.
birkenhead said:
wrong place wrong time
Yeh, Liverpool.

Having a large overdraft facility is a mixed blessing. My bank found it really odd that I didnt want an overdraft, I'm always in the black, and have anything over a thousand pounds moved out of my current (pocket money) account via DD. It can be a hassle having a variety of accounts with varying levels of accessibility, but it pays off in the long run.
I actually got somebody sucessfully prosecuted for fraud who worked for a high street electrical store. I had a Barclaycard, only used it once ever to purchase some items in the store. Two weeks later I get a letter from Barclays as Ive used my card too many times out of the norm, expect that card had been cloned back at the store, there were watch purchases from Chelsea for god knows how much.

I informed Barclays fraud department who were very helpful and as I only ever used the card in one store it was not long before the Police tracked the culprit down.

After that I got shot of the card and have never had credit card since. Good old cash works better.
I had £4500 taken out of my account a few years back.

When i first found i too had £1500 taken out and again it was all over the country in places i had never been too. I went to the bank and got it all sorted, got a new card, money back and all that.

A week or so later i went to get some money out for a meal and my card thrown back at me saying insuffient funds when i checked my bank i was 3 grand over-drawn.

After a few 'heated' phone calls to my bank i found out the buggars had actually got hold of my personnel details and was setting up direct debits in my name..... apparently it was a phone bill for Fones4U!!!! i managed to find the culprit it was some scally who worked at the place.

I had to get a new account and everything. God knows how he got hold of all the details, i didn't even have an account with them. i now shred everything.
Not wishing to advertise, but you could do worse than to check the link in my signature. It's an online service which, for £6.95, will let you see all the applications made in your name to different agencies, give you a list of agencies to call if your credit file has been cocked up, and generally let you keep a tab on what has happened to your personal credit file.

It's a useful service, and saves going to the three different agencies to get credit reports. They will even let you see when you records have been scanned, and who by, for potential credit activity (phone contracts, loans, etc).


I was taken for 300 quid in Israel of all places, got it back but we double check just in case on each statement! I blame T'internet and foreign holidays!
Edited to add that I have never to been to Israel!
Same thing happened to me in Australia four years ago, within 24 hours of arriving there money was rapidly being withdrawn from my account. Had a long running battle with Barclays to get the money back, they argued that somebody else must have known the pin number as it was impossible to withdraw out of my account without it., and I must have told somebody else. It was in all the papers afterwards that there was a huge scam going on. Barclays still insisted on me losing £50.00. There was just no logic to their argument , you just wouldn't travel thousands of miles, broadcast your pin number and be bankrupt within a few days . Did similar to what Sandmanfez did, opened another account and transfer money over as and when, never keep too much in it now.
happened to my dad twice

first time he got a phone call off the police to say that theyve found his card details on a printout that these cnuts sell on , no money lost thankfully

few months ago he go's to check his balance online, £1500 overdrawn! some little scrote had been buying stuff at the carphone warehouse with it

god knows how.. got the money back though so its the banks problem now not his.

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