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Read about a game named Carcassonne at the weekend. Vaguely remember it being mentioned here, so did some research & it sounded really good, so I ordered one.

It arrived today. Couldn't help but fish it out & have a go at tile laying on the meeting table in my Office:


I expect we will have some fun with this. However it's unlikely to take over from Dominos at my favourite local pub as it seems to take up quite a bit of space.

While I'll need to learn how to play this first I'm a sucker for expansions of games. Any other Carcassonne players with recommendations of what next?
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Carcassonnes a great game, extension wise - 'Traders and Builders' or 'Inns and Cathedrals' are good extensions that bring in some more tiles and extra tokens to lay down for more points/actions.
Cheers, Moglington. Inns & Cathedrals was probably next on the list if we get to like this.

I'll be avoiding the PC version, p_t_r, but thanks for the tip. The idea is to get MasterPlume away from screens!
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If MasterPlume enjoys telling stories and making shit up I can highly recommend Gloom.
Its a card based game, each player has a family made up of 5 family cards face up in front of them. They take turns placing transparent cards on top of the family cards (theirs or other players families) the transparent cards have things that have happened to that family member and a negative (for nasty events) or positive (for nice events) points value. The idea being to get as low a score as possible by making your family as miserable as possible and the other families as happy as possible before killing off the family member to lock in the score.

You're probably wondering where the story telling is in this, well that's the genius bit each of the transparent cards has a alliterative title and when playing the card the player has to explain how that event came to happen to that family member. The joy is in making up the best, funniest (rudest) story to explain how for example one family member went from being "wonderfully well wed" to being "pierced by porcupines".
Ah! Sounds like a good idea.
Hence Travel Battle, the miniatures I'm painting up for En Garde!, Star Wars X-Wing and various traditional board games. No harm with a bit of TV or the iPad, & we won't let him have a console yet, as he's a very active boy & needs some down time now and again.

However MrsPlume works long hours & is bit inclined to use the electronic childminder & I see various kinds of gaming as a way of spending some quality time with him. With luck the more sociable side (all these games can be played by far more than a console thing) he will be able to get friends involved too - one is mad keen on military history so I have high hopes!
Gloom sounds fantastic, @Moglington I'll keep an eye out.

He has a very vivid imagination, and used to have fun with these:

That sounds like a more grown-up version!

Edit to add:

Story Cubes, if the picture disappears as is their wont...


Yes, although with a darker twist the artwork is very Edward Gorey and the families are not the normal happy families type:

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Noms, shit-on-your-oppo, uckers, euchre & crib. These are the essential games young Plume needs to learn.
Been a fan of Carcassonne and most of its expansions for years. The expansions I'd avoid are the heavily fantasy themed ones, like the Princess & Dragon or the Tower.
Must admit those weren't high up the list, SkippedOnce!
Noms, shit-on-your-oppo, uckers, euchre & crib. These are the essential games young Plume needs to learn.
Don't think I served in the right part of the forces for some of those, especially Uckers! He does love Ludo & Frustration, though.

I own a Crib board. Must get round to learning to play again...
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Anyway, staying at my folks' place last night so got them to try a game. It went down very well.

We did a bit of collaborative play with the last tile as it completed a 26 point city for my father, & he won. This is a good way to make him want to play again, & as he was well behind with me in second place with no prospect of winning it was worth it. My mother, who had been in the lead therefore came second.

I'm going back to the rule book. I placed a monastery early, and by the end had three of the things. Only problem was I didn't build round them quickly enough & was then blocked off so left 26 points out there. I need to clarify if monastic land can be contiguous, or even two placed next to each other, but moral of the story was get the other 8 tiles round them as soon as possible.

For anyone looking at the game don't be confused by the number of meeple (little figures used to claim territory) as I was. They are returned to the player's stash as the points for each feature are scored.
Might be boring as hell for some, but some views of recent completed games of Carcassonne:

Carc River.png

As you can see I've bought an expansion pack to make the river bigger, it also serves to spread the options to start the game out a bit more. I can see this becoming quite an obsession!
Not nearly enough tiles - more expansions needed!:eek:
Not nearly enough tiles - more expansions needed!:eek:
Still learning how to use the basic stuff first. Not even onto the Farmers rules! However likely to buy Inns & Cathedrals soon even if not using the full rules for it just to make the game a bit longer & add the chance to build bigger cities.

Here's how tonight's game panned out:


Seriously becoming obsessed with this game. What I really love is that MasterPlume will put down the phone/iPad to come and play :)
Seriously becoming obsessed with this game. What I really love is that MasterPlume will put down the phone/iPad to come and play :)
Without trying to take the Michael (on Arrse, on a Friday night), and although I've got many of the expansions, I'd recommend not trying to turn it into a competitive wargame. As a player interaction boardgame it's fantastic fun (even Mrs S.O. and my older siblings are enthused about it as a game), but having played it 'competitively' with some wargamer mates, it sucks the life and enjoyment from Carcassonne.
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