Carbon removal

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Delta J, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone tell me where to buy that red carbon removing scouring stuff? Does a good job, but I can't find out where to get it.
  2. You mean scotchbrite? The QM?
  3. Bosch do a nice line in angle-grinders.
  4. use scoc and get px-36 through the system, will look for nsn in morning
  5. Hot water works a treat, easiest way I found. Make sure you dry the "item" and oil it nicely afterwards though.
  6. You aint askin about rust eater are you?.
  7. Stuff to remove RED carbon or Red stuff that removes carbon?

    Are you trying to get rid of carbon, rust or copper fouling?
  8. Try Elbow grease!!
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  9. Cillit Bang for GPMG gas parts, works a treat. Just remember to rinse it off properly though
  10. Naughty naughty! You'll be telling people to to take weapons in the showers next or suggestion someone 'borrows' a big **** of tub of catering vinegar from the slops next :)
  11. Sound advice, always wondered why Barry marketed coke in spray bottles
  12. That method was suggested to me by the former WO PSI of 63 Sqn, I would NEVER, EVER, EVER use such methods to clean weapon systems. EVER!! (And my arse is a banjo!)
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  13. These any good?

    5350-99-224-9721 Grain abrasive emery flour 50g bag
    6850-99-220-2659 Corrosion removing compound Phosphoric acid derusting solution 5 gal drum
    7930-99-224-9416 Cleaning compound solvent detergent DIPSEC
  14. Belt sander always worked for me, then you can t cut the scratches out!!