Caravans - wheeled evil?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by rabid spaniel, Aug 2, 2004.

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  1. No, they should all be collected and used as hards on ranges.

  2. Yes, how else can we tell who the travelling train spotters are?

  1. From the telegraph today:

    "Re: Caravans: the ugly truth
    Date: 1 August 2004

    Sir - Let us hope that the ban on caravans using the outside two lanes of the M5 around Bristol (News, July 31) is the start of a vigorous persecution of these absurd trailers and their ridiculous owners.

    When they are moving, they hold up the traffic in a thoroughly selfish manner, and when they are parked they are an eyesore. Their contribution to British tourism is marginal, the owners usually fill them up with provisions from their local supermarket before departure and restrict their local shopping to fresh milk and a few eggs.

    In addition, caravans are environmentally unfriendly and dangerous, given that their inexperienced drivers only rarely take them out on the roads, and then waste thousands of hours of other people's time as we sit watching them wind their snail-like way to the coast.

    Surely, if we are unable to ban these trailers, we should restrict their movement on the roads to the dead of night."

    Give that man a LAW and send him to the M5. And the M6, well hell, give him the whole land to stalk and make fire.
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Great post.

    Caravans - the blockages in the nation's arteries. Hate them.
  3. there was a piccy in combat and survival once with the paras driving a supercat on the raod with the motto at last something to annoy caravans with as there were sevral trapped behind it :lol:
    at least travellers make no excuses for the scum like behaviour 8)
  4. Did a journey up the M3 & M27 yesterday. All cars should be issued with greanade launchers to rid us of these vermin and weirdos! :twisted:
  5. couldn't agree more!

  6. Yep, mobile grooming pods for nonces. :twisted:
  7. Caravan Holidays.
    And they still have the cheek to call it Camping. :evil:
  8. Caravaning? - great fun.

    Nothing more satisfying than knowing you're holding up loads of cars behind you!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Speeding up where overtaking is possible and slowing to a crawl where it isn't.

    There are numerous permutations for making life hell for ordinary travellers.
  9. I guess they are a pain in overcrowded blighty. Over here in Norway both caravans and camper vans are very popular amongst locals and tourists alike (the re-enactment of the invasion of Norway by Germans in their camper vans is a yearly event which runs the length of the summer). Sure they're a pain to get stuck behind, more so i guess as we don't really have much in the way of dual carriageway here but at least we have the space for them. You can go where you like and pretty much overnight where you like (same goes for camping). But that's the perk of living in a big country with only 4.5 million inhabitants.
  10. Was up at Kvamskogen this weekend normally it takes 1.5hrs. to get there from Bergen. FECKIN 4HRS BEHIND A BOXHEAD. :x
  11. Let them travel between 2am and 4am if they have to exist.
  12. Germans or Caravans, or both?
  13. Each hilly stretch of A Road and Motorway should have a defilade LAW 94 training range put on it so that young squaddies can hone their tankbusting skills on all the caravan t*ssers. A few spotting rounds through the back window would make them spill their flasks of milky tea and get them to slam their foot down.......L-R movers are always more fun! :twisted:

    I fecking hate caravans especially pikey caravans! :twisted:
  14. One feels a Mass Grave coming on... an extra large, drive-in one :D .
  15. what is tickling me is the responses that you just know are going to deluge the telegraph in response to the first letter. All manner of wierdos and sad sandal&sock wearing, beared freaks will be trying to justify the existence of their wheeled sad shacks in print. Stand by, stand by......