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Caravan towing Stabiliser

Caravans are only good for one thing.............

As a not very hard target.

Bloody caravans make me want to mount a Browning M2 or one of those Septic MK19 AGLs on top of my Volvo. The number of times I've been stuck behind the fecking things on the A9 driven by bearded pipe smoking weirdoes, trying to get home from Glasgow or Edinburgh on a Friday evening.......... :x :evil:
I do not own a caravan. I just own a stabilizer.

re) Mrs Lairdx's Knickers I'm afraid that's a no no but if you buy my stuff i'll send you a pair of mine.


Lairdx said:
For Sale

Caravan Towing Stabiliser. Complete.

Fits any car.


Buyer collects or pays postage.
You really are kicking the arrse out of it now, aren't you?
I have no idea what you mean biscuits. A Caravan towing stabiliser is a useful bit of equipment. You never know when you may have to tow a caravan. I always keep one handy. This is my spare as I seem to have aquired an extra one over the years.

I assure all would be buyers who don't want to publicly admit to being a 'caravaner' that I will be very dicreet.
Caravan stabiliser? The only time a caravan looks stable (and attractive) is when it's on it's side on the hard shoulder of the M25 with clothes, bedding and domestic detritus trailing for several hundred yards behind it. You should be ashamed of yourself Laird, for even mentioning the ' C' word amongst such men as us.

You'll be selling us a bloody greenhouse next.

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