Caran Dache Mechanical Pencil info needed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LordVonHarley, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. I'm in need of some help, I have being going through some old stuff in the attic and found some odds and sods that I intend to sell for beer tokens, old cameras etc.
    However I have found an old Caran D'Ache Mech Pencil (Might be silver plated?) in a D'Ache Fix 4 Box. I have tried looking for it on line but only seem to get a shed load of modern sites selling over priced Biro's.
    So can any one on Arrse with a pencil fetish point me in the correct direction.

    It's silver in colour, octaginal in shape with Caran D'Ache 44 Swiss Made on the side. It has 4 coloured levels for Black, Green, Red and Blue Lead.


  2. Never heard of an octagonal version, though that doesn't mean they don't exist. However, a hexagonal version is in existence.

    Does this help?


    or this may be more useful:

  3. Not quite what you asked for, however try HERE
    Caran d'Ache transliterates the Russian word for pencil

    Caran D'Ache can be contacted HERE
  4. Cheers All, I have emailed the company so hopefully they will shed some light on it.