Caran Dache Mechanical Pencil info needed

I'm in need of some help, I have being going through some old stuff in the attic and found some odds and sods that I intend to sell for beer tokens, old cameras etc.
However I have found an old Caran D'Ache Mech Pencil (Might be silver plated?) in a D'Ache Fix 4 Box. I have tried looking for it on line but only seem to get a shed load of modern sites selling over priced Biro's.
So can any one on Arrse with a pencil fetish point me in the correct direction.

It's silver in colour, octaginal in shape with Caran D'Ache 44 Swiss Made on the side. It has 4 coloured levels for Black, Green, Red and Blue Lead.


Not quite what you asked for, however try HERE
History of the Fixpencil® Caran d’Ache

The Fixpencil® was invented in 1929 by Carl Schmid, a Geneva engineer, then was developed and marketed by Caran d’Ache, quickly becoming a success around the world. Originally produced in bakelite then entirely in metal, it was the first mechanical pencil with a clutch mechanism that allowed leads of different diameters to be used. Its hexagonal shape is a distinctive characteristic of Caran d’Ache and a lead sharpener is incorporated in its push button.
The robust, reliable and practical Fixpencil® has sold by the millions, including in silver-plated and gold-plated versions under the name of Ecridor®. Several technical improvements and new designs have helped it pass the years without going out of fashion. Today, the Caran d’Ache Fixpencil® still enjoys great popularity and maintains its place in the Swiss subconscious.
Caran d'Ache transliterates the Russian word for pencil

Caran D'Ache can be contacted HERE

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